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Future of Work
How to Ensure Remote Work is Working for You
Read our new buyer’s guide to help you identify whether the solutions you have (or are evaluating) can deliver the capabilities you need to make your remote workplace work better for both your short and long-term success.
Future of Work
Hybrid Productivity – How Sustainable is the New Working Paradigm?
This free 30-minute webinar from GigaOm Research brought together experts in work productivity, featuring GigaOm Analyst Thom Langford and special guest from Nitro Software, Sam Thorpe, Chief Product Officer.
The Ultimate Guide to Electronic Signatures
Download the free Ultimate Guide to Electronic Signature eBook and discover how to pick the right electronic signature solution for your business.
Future of Work
The Remote Work Landscape
Explore what impacts the productivity of your remote work landscape
All Things PDF
How to Save One Page of a PDF on Mac
Ever run through an entire PDF, frantically searching for just one passage? It’s not an easy thing to do. In some PDFs, you can’t even use a text finder because all of the content comes from a scanned, printed page. One of the best ways to avoid this conundrum is to save only one page of a PDF to your Mac. But how do you do it in a way that doesn’t take up so much time that the entire process isn’t worth it? Here are the specific steps to saving one page at a time.
All Things PDF
How to Annotate a PDF on Mac
Sometimes you don’t need to directly make changes in a PDF —but you do need to leave some notes. If that’s the case with you, there are ways to use the “Preview” function on your Mac to markup a PDF, provide feedback, or even simply jot down notes that you can refer to later.
All Things PDF
How to Delete Pages from a PDF on Mac
Need to delete pages from your PDF on your mac? There's a tool that will help you do just that. And we've shared the steps for it as well!
All Things PDF
How to Create a PDF on Mac
Learn how to create a PDF on your mac very quickly and easily. Whether for personal or business use - this will save you time and headaches.
How to Add an Electronic Signature on iPhone/iPad/iOS Devices
Getting electronic signatures completed on your iphone, ipad, or other ios device is easy with Nitro. We'll show you the process and get you the right tool for the job.
How to Electronically Sign a PDF on Any Platform or Device
Signing a PDF online is easier than ever thanks to Nitro Sign. We'll walk you through the process and get you the tools you need for the job.