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Adding Pages
Adding a Blank Page
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Reducing Document File Size
If your document contains many high-resolution images or annotations, you can reduce its file size to send, share, store, or archive more easily. PDFpen includes several ways to reduce a document’s file size. Depending on your document, you may use all or only a few of these options for reducing the size of your PDF files.
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AppleScript and Automation
AppleScript Nitro PDF Pro includes extensive AppleScript support so that it's possible to automate the PDF manipulation process.
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Combining and Splitting
Combining Two PDFs
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Adding a Note
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Extracting Pages
Extract a Page
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Opening PDF Files
Nitro PDF Pro is a document-based application. With it, you can open existing PDF documents and create new ones.
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The Library stores scribbles, images, and text for quick access and reuse. Drag Library items to the current document to insert them.
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Headers, Footers, and Page Numbers
Add header and footer text and page numbers to your document. Select from a variety of positioning and formatting options. A preview displays the location of each on the page based on the currently selected options. You cannot have header/footer text and page numbers in the same position. Apply headers, footers, and page numbers all at once, or separately to allow for different formatting options for each, such as fonts and page ranges.
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Creating PDF Portfolios
(Advanced feature of Nitro PDF Pro)