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Adding Pages
Adding a Blank Page
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AppleScript and Automation
AppleScript Nitro PDF Pro includes extensive AppleScript support so that it's possible to automate the PDF manipulation process.
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Combining and Splitting
Combining Two PDFs
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Adding a Note
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Page Layouts and Views
Page Layouts The default view in the application is Page View, where a Single Page is visible at a time. The other option is Facing Pages view where two pages are visible at once, like a book. Change between these views by clicking on the Sidebar item in the toolbar sidebar button or via the View menu.
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Page Numbers and Labels
Page Numbers View > Page Numbers is turned on by default. Notice a small gray (or blue) box with a page number in the bottom right corner of each page and thumbnail.
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Split View
Split the screen into two panes to compare different pages of a document side by side.
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Rotating Pages
Go to the View menu for the rotate page options:
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Pages Right-to-Left
View > Pages Right-to-Left is turned off by default. It is only active in the Facing Pages view and allows facing page order to be rearranged for reverse-viewing, such as needed in the Japanese language.
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Reverse Pages
Reverse the order of pages, so the last page is viewed first, and the first page is viewed last. To reverse pages, choose AppleScript > Reverse Pages.