Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you want to know more about a Nitro Pro trial or need help activating your license, we have all the answers you need.

What is the difference between Nitro Pro and a trial of Nitro Pro?

Before you buy Nitro Pro, you have the opportunity to try our product at no charge for 14 days. During your free trial, you’ll have access to the full functionality of Nitro Pro.

You can download the Nitro Pro trial here: After installation, Nitro Pro will automatically be in trial mode.

After the 14-day trial period, your version of Nitro Pro will revert to “expired trial” mode. You will see this notification in the bottom right corner.

If you would like to purchase the full version of Nitro Pro, please click here: Purchase Nitro Pro.

Once you purchase, you will receive a serial number that allows you to activate Nitro Pro on your device.

To learn more about our free trial, please explore these links:

Will I be charged at any time for my trial of Nitro Pro?
Can I still use an expired trial of Nitro Pro?

What is Nitro VIP Access™ and how can I add it to my subscription?

Nitro VIP Access (formerly known as Software Assurance) is an annual subscription that enables you to maximize your investment in Nitro Pro. You can choose from a few different options to fulfill your unique needs:

  • Individual online customer

    Nitro VIP Access is available as a $49.99 add-on at time of purchase and is valid for one year, with the option to renew annually. Individual customers can also choose to add Product Updates separately for $29.99 at time of purchase. The SLA for individual customers with Nitro VIP Access includes a 24-hour first-response time via email (phone support is not included).

  • Business customer

    Nitro VIP Access is included with all Business subscriptions and is valid for the life of the subscription. The support SLA for Business accounts is a 4-hour first-response time via email (phone support is not included).

  • Enterprise customer

    Nitro VIP Access and Nitro Customer Success are included with all Enterprise subscriptions and are valid for the life of the subscription. The support SLA for Enterprise is 2-hour first-response time.

Additional information about Nitro VIP Access can be found here: Nitro VIP Access

What support is available to me if I don’t have Nitro VIP Access (Software Assurance)?

If you decide not to add Nitro VIP Access (Software Assurance) to your Nitro Pro purchase, you will not be entitled to email support. You will, however, still have access to the following resources:

  • Community Forum, where you will find a large selection of helpful topics and the opportunity to post questions and suggestions for product improvements (simply create or log in to a Community account to post suggestions). The Community Forum is the perfect platform for connecting with other Nitro Pro users, as well as some of our official Nitronauts. Head to our community here:

  • Knowledge Base, where you will find a vast selection of help articles that cover all common product questions for Nitro Pro. Check it out here:

  • User Guide, where you will find information about the functionality and features in Nitro Pro. Check it out here:

VIP Access includes both Premium Support and Unlimited Product Upgrades. However, we do offer the option to purchase an annual subscription to Premium Support only, valid for one year after the date of purchase.

What are the various ways to activate Nitro Pro?

Depending on your license type, there are two different ways to activate Nitro Pro:

  1. Activating with our single user or business license: To activate your copy of Nitro Pro, simply open the program and select the Help tab » About Nitro Pro » Activate ». Please enter your serial number and click Activate.
  2. Activating with our Enterprise license: To activate your copy of Nitro Pro, simply open the program and select the Help tab » About Nitro Pro » Activate. In the activation window, please enter your license information, which includes your first and last name. Then, click Load from File » select your lic. file and click Activate.
  3. More information here:

    How to Activate Nitro Pro
    How to Activate Nitro For Enterprise with License File

Why do I get an error when trying to activate Nitro Pro?

When activating Nitro Pro, you may receive an error message due to one of the following issues:

-20 Error: Invalid license number – the incorrect serial number was entered when trying to activate.

More information here: -20 Error: Invalid license number

-22 Error: Wrong license number – the serial number you entered is for a different version of Nitro Pro.

More information here: -22 Error: Wrong License Number

-23 Error: License number already used – the serial number you entered has either reached the maximum number of possible activations or has been disabled, most likely due to an upgrade or refund.

More information here: -23 Error: License number already used

-24 Error: Activation error – Activation is being blocked by either your firewall setting or Antivirus software.

More information here: -24 Error: Activation Error

Why do I get purchase information from Cleverbridge, not Nitro?

All online orders of Nitro Pro are conducted by our online reseller Cleverbridge, Inc. Payment processing and order fulfillment are done by Cleverbridge, Inc., 350 N Clark, Suite 700, Chicago, IL 60654, United States. Therefore, you will receive your purchase information from Cleverbridge, not Nitro.

Why do I get purchase information from 2checkout, not Nitro?

Some online orders of Nitro Pro are conducted by our online reseller 2checkout. Payment processing and order fulfillment are done by 2checkout, 9040 Roswell Rd, Ste 450, Atlanta, GA 30350, United States. Therefore, you may receive your purchase information from 2checkout, not Nitro.

Are there other ways to purchase Nitro online? Like eBay?

Unless purchased directly through Nitro Sales or authorized reseller partners, Nitro is otherwise only available for purchase online at Please note that Nitro Software does not sell its products on online marketplaces, such as eBay. All copies that are available on eBay (or similar marketplaces) are pirated and unsupported and are likely to contain trojan horses and viruses. We have received many complaints regarding these cracked versions. The only official place to purchase Nitro’s award-winning software is directly through Nitro’s online store here.

What is the difference between Nitro Pro upgrades and updates?

Upgrade: This means that a newer version of Nitro Pro is being purchased, such as upgrading from Nitro Pro 11 to Nitro Pro 12. This can be done by entering your serial number on our Upgrade page:

Update: This is when a newer build of the Nitro Pro version you are currently using has been released. For example, updating from Nitro Pro to Since updates can include bug fixes, feature enhancements, and security updates, we always recommend running the latest version of Nitro Pro. Customers who have purchased a subscription to either VIP Access or, separately, Product Upgrades, will have ongoing access to product upgrades for one year after the date of purchase. Eligible customers can download the latest version here:

More information about upgrades and updates can be found here:

How do I know that there is an update available?

You might find the “Check for Updates” option under the Help tab within Nitro Pro. As this feature currently does not work properly, we advise customers to ensure they have the latest build of Nitro Pro by going to Clicking on “Download Nitro Pro” will update your software to the latest version. To find what build of Nitro Pro you currently have, please click on “About Nitro Pro” under the Help tab.

What do I do if License Portal doesn’t fix my activation issue?

Our License Portal is only valid for serial keys with three or fewer licenses. Should you have more licenses or active Software Assurance, please log a ticket with our support Team.

If you used our License Portal, don’t have active Software Assurance, and are still unable to activate your Nitro Pro license, please head over to our Community Forum to notify us, so we can take a closer look.

More information here: License Activation Portal

Why can’t I call Nitro Support directly?

We do not offer phone support at this time, as we find that communicating via email expedites troubleshooting by providing a more efficient way to share files and screenshots.

Where can I find technical requirements for Nitro Pro?

Please check our Server Technical Details page for all information on Nitro system requirements and deployment options.

How do I access the Community Forum and what’s the difference between the Forum and Knowledge Base?

You can access our Community Forum here. Anyone has access to the content on our Forum. Should you wish to post something, you will need to sign up for a Community account or sign in to your existing account. Knowledge Base is a collection of articles created by our Support team to help customers maximize the powerful features in Nitro Pro.

Does Nitro Support respond to every post on Community Forum?

As our Community Forum is an online discussion platform that’s accessible to anyone, we encourage user engagement. All posts are monitored by our Support staff, who aim to respond to as many posts as possible. We are also assisted by one of our Power Users who is an expert on all things Nitro!

Can I install and use Nitro Pro on Mac?

At this time, Nitro Pro is not compatible with Mac operating systems and will not install on them.

Learn more about Nitro Pro for Mac »

What is the refund policy for Nitro Pro?

To ensure that Nitro Pro fits our customers’ specific needs, we offer a free 14-day free trial that allows customers to try the full functionality of the product. During this trial period, you will also have full access to the Community Forum and Knowledge Base.

You may be eligible for a refund if you purchased Nitro from our online store at and one of the following conditions applies:

  1. The product has been deemed defective by our technical Support Team
  2. A duplicate purchase has been made

While these conditions are guidelines, all refunds are made at Nitro’s sole discretion.

Please also check out our Refund Policy page for more information and a step-by-step guide to applying for a refund.

How do I access Nitro Sign?

There are two ways to access Nitro Sign:

  1. In Nitro Pro: Click the “Sign Up” button in the top right corner to log into your Nitro Sign account.
  2. In your web browser: Navigate to the Nitro Sign page. Then access your Nitro Sign account by entering your login details.

For more information on Nitro Sign, check out our Knowledge Base

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