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Guidelines to Tag Tables

When creating tables in PDF documents, it is important to make them accessible to all users. This means that users with disabilities such as visual impairments or mobility impairments can also access and understand the information in the table.

To make tables accessible, follow these guidelines:

  • Use table headers and captions to clearly identify the content and the purpose of the table. 
  • Ensure that each table cell is associated with its corresponding header using the "Header Cells" option in the table properties. 
  • Use proper table markup to ensure that the table is read correctly by assistive technology. 
  • Avoid using merged cells or nested tables, which can make it difficult for screen reader users to navigate the table. 
  • Use the "Alt Text" or "Description" options to provide alternative text descriptions for any images or charts within the table. 
  • Use high-contrast colors and accessible fonts within the table to make the content easier to read for people with visual impairments. 
  • Ensure that a table has the logical reading order. For example, you can configure the tags in the Document Structure in a way that the screen readers can read the table row by row and not column by column.
Screen capture with a table

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