Digital Transformation: Education

Digitalize Education For Everyone

Improve the student and educator experience using Nitro’s secure suite of digital solutions for in-person, online & distance learning.

Drive innovation in classroom and remote learning with fully digital documentation.

Empower students, educators and staff to be as productive and collaborative as possible.
Cut Paper Costs
Take educational documents digital to secure data and save money on paper and printing.
Drive Efficiency in Education
Optimize workflows from admissions to enrollment to student services.
Support Distance Learning
Keep your educational institution competitive with Nitro’s remote document solutions.
“It’s not just students moving online. Many universities are also offering more robust digital and hybrid work flexibility for their faculty and staff. That’s why it’s crucial for higher education institutions to fully digitize their document workflows for remote learning and distance education.”

Improve productivity for in-person and online learning programs.

Invest in digital documentation tools with Nitro to save time and money across your institution.
Enjoy seamless document workflows with a fully digital solution.
Stay compliant with audit trails and document progression tracking.
Drive performance with rapid time-to-value and lower cost of ownership.
Keep sensitive data secure with Nitro's strict security practices.

Faster processes for your education workflows.

Student forms
Faculty & staff onboarding
Application forms
Donation agreements
Financial aid
HR and payroll forms

Minimize risk while you streamline your educational processes.

All your data, files and eSignatures are secure in Nitro’s compliant digital documentation solution.
ISO 27001 Certified
ISO 27001
HIPPA Compliant
Qualified Trust Service Provider (Complaint with eIDAS)
Drive Digital Education
Make in-person, online and remote learning more collaborative and accessible.