User Guide
Nitro PDF Pro Windows

Checking the Document Structure

The document structure in a PDF document refers to how content is organized and labeled using tags and attributes.

To check the document structure

1. Open your PDF document with Nitro PDF Pro. 
2. On the Sidebar, which appears on the left side of your document, click the Tag icon to view the document structure.

Screen capture of the sidebar showing the tag icon

3. Under Tags, check if your PDF document has a structure and that it is properly tagged. 

Next steps:

If the document structure doesn’t exist, you can create it using automatic and manual tagging. See Creating the document structure with auto tags and Creating the document structure manually.

To improve an existing document structure, use the following accessibility tools:

Changing the tag type

Deleting a tag

Viewing the role map

Managing artifacts

Defining the logical reading order

Embedding fonts

Guidelines to tag tables

Guidelines to tag lists

Setting the document language

Tagging hyperlinks

Marking a Document PDF/UA as compliant