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Creating the Document Structure with Auto Tags

Use auto tags to give your document an initial structure. When you use auto-tagging, Nitro PDF Pro analyzes your document and adds tags automatically.

To finalize the document structure, you need to review automatically added tags and make necessary changes.

Before you start:

Check if your document has a structure. See Checking the document structure.

If you use auto-tagging, existing tags are removed and new tags are added. If you want to keep existing tags, add and edit tags manually.

To create the document structure with auto tags

1. Open your PDF document with Nitro PDF Pro. 
2. Select Accessibility > Auto tag
3. If a document has tags and you want to overwrite them, click OK

Screen capture of a dialog to confirm the removal of existing tags

4. Under Tags, review the newly added tags. 

Screen capture of tags

5. Click Save on the top bar or press Ctrl+S on your keyboard to save your changes. 

6. To improve the document structure, use the following instructions: 

Editing tags

Changing the tag type

Deleting a tag

Viewing the role map

Managing artifacts

Defining the logical reading order

Embedding fonts

Guidelines to tag tables

Guidelines to tag lists

Setting the document language

Tagging hyperlinks

Marking a Document PDF/UA as compliant

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