User Guide
Nitro PDF Pro Windows

How to Make PDF Documents Accessible

You need to ensure your source document is accessible. For example, when you create a document using Microsoft Word, you can improve its accessibility before you convert it to PDF:

  • Use a proper document structure with headings and lists to make the content easier to navigate for users utilizing screen readers. 
  • Use PDF accessibility tools, such as tags and metadata, to ensure the document is compatible with assistive technology and meets accessibility standards such as WCAG 2.1 and PDF/UA. 
  • Provide alternative text descriptions for non-text content like images and charts, so people who are visually impaired can understand the information. 
  • Use high-contrast colors and accessible fonts to make the text easier to read for those with visual impairments. 
  • Use meaningful link text and ensure that all links are descriptive and clearly indicate where they will take the user. 
  • Embed all fonts used in the document and set the document language for use for screen readers and other assistive technology. 
  • Tag document contents in the form of tables and lists to be used by assistive technology. 
  • Include navigational aids such as bookmarks and links to help readers move around the document quickly and easily. 
  • Test the document's accessibility using accessibility checkers and assistive technology to ensure it is fully accessible to all users, including those with disabilities.