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Use a Saved eSignature Template
luglio22 ,202101 :30 AM
Templates are used to speed up repeated signature requests by saving a document with the form fields already added. If you have not created any templates yet, check out Create a Template for how to do so.
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Two-factor Authentication (2FA) with SMS
luglio22 ,202101 :26 AM
How to enable 2FA with SMS on an eSignature request
Working with Teams
luglio22 ,202101 :58 AM
Team-related features are exclusively available to members of Team or Enterprise plans.
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Share a Document
luglio22 ,202101 :11 AM
Nitro Sign offers multiple ways to share, review, and collaborate on documents outside of an eSigning workflow.
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Set Custom eSigning Order
luglio22 ,202101 :07 AM
By default, when a signature request has multiple recipients, all recipients will be notified of the request at the same time and the recipients can sign in any order.
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Send an eSignature Reminder
luglio22 ,202112 :57 AM
You can send notifications to recipients reminding them that they have unfulfilled eSignature requests.
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Share from Nitro Pro
luglio22 ,202101 :14 AM
Documents can easily be shared with Nitro Sign directly from within Nitro Pro. You must be logged in to your Nitro Sign account to use this feature.
Crea un file PDF
Nitro PDF Creator Preferences
21 aprile 2021, 14:42
Nitro PDF Creator is a virtual printer that enables you to generate a PDF from any application capable of printing. The default settings are for your everyday needs, though you can configure the creation parameters to work in any scenario.
Visualizza e naviga nei file PDF
Nitro PDF Web Browser Plugin
21 aprile 2021, 14:45
When you click a PDF file in your web browser, the Nitro Web Browser Plugin reads the file and displays it in the web browser.
Oggetti JavaScript
OCG object
21 aprile 2021, 14:48
This object provides support for Optional Content Groups. OCGs hold a collection of graphical objects, and are known as layers. You can dynamically switch properties of layers to make them visible or invisible to provide navigation in a PDF document.
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