Digital Signatures

Digital Signatures
Digitally Sign a PDF
April 14, 2021 03:39 PM
Digital signatures are like paper-based signatures, but better because they include encrypted information so you can verify their authenticity.
Digital Signatures
Digital Signatures
April 14, 2021 03:34 PM
A digital signature is much more powerful than a traditional paper-based signature. They provide you with a way to show a person signed a particular document at a particular time and helps to ensure that the document content has not been tampered with after it was signed. Additionally, the document version history shows recipients when a document was signed, and when changes were made. This revision history is encrypted and stored inside the PDF, and can be viewed in the Signatures pane.
Digital Signatures
Digital Signature Timestamp
April 14, 2021 12:34 AM
Digital timestamps mark a PDF signature with the time and date as proof of integrity. A timestamp shows that the contents of the document existed at a point in time, and are unchanged.
Digital Signatures
Customize signature appearance
April 13, 2021 11:59 PM
You can customize digital signatures to make information you want to share visible, and also to display your physical signature, a corporate logo, or some other graphic you want to appear alongside your signature. You can edit the appearance of your signature at the time of signing a document, or at any time.
Digital Signatures
Certify PDF Files
April 09, 2021 01:20 AM
As the author of a document, when you certify it, you attest to its contents and control what (if anything) can be done to it while retaining its certified status. If changes occur to the document that you have not permitted, then the document is invalidated and the certification is revoked.
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