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CMO profile: Building the growth engine during a pandemic

Appeared in CMO Australia on October 21, 2020

Nitro’s global chief marketing officer, Maria Robinson, shares how she's bringing a growth mindset and strategic marketing approach to the Australian digital document management business.

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The Nitro Software (ASX:NTO) share price is up almost 90% this year. Here’s why

Appeared in the Motley Fool on October 12, 2020

ASX mid-cap technology company Nitro Software Ltd (ASX: NTO) has performed strongly this year. Despite COVID-19 causing some disruption to its sales pipeline, Nitro’s share price has climbed close to 90% higher since January.

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IT leaders fail to invest in adequate solutions to support remote workers

Appeared in IT Brief on October 9, 2020

Lack of digital tools significantly impacts remote work in an adverse manner, according to the new Nitro Future of Work report. Nitro COO, Gina O’Reilly, states that "the nature of work has permanently changed and consequently, we must change and continue to evolve our thinking around the concept of workplaces and redefine the role of offices.”

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The Age of the Paperless Office

Appeared in Silicon UK on October 9, 2020

The promise of the paperless office has been evolving for decades, yet the reality for all enterprises is they still use massive quantities of paper. Speaking to Silicon UK, Gina O’Reilly, COO at Nitro explained: “Our hope is that businesses can work 100% digitally at some point, but we know that change won’t happen overnight.”

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Remote workers lack appropriate tools to adapt to the new normal

Appeared in ComputerWeekly on September 21, 2020

In the new hybrid working environment, employees are increasingly using digital workflows but many lack the right tools and technology to fully enable remote work, according to a new report from Nitro.

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Paradox: Covid crisis elevates technology professionals' stature, but limits career growth

Appeared in ZDNet on September 19, 2020

COVID-19 has created a paradox that elevates tech professionals' stature but limits active career development. Nitro’s survey finds that most people feel productive working from home but see several barriers in their organization’s IT workflows, such as IT being too busy and lack of training/support.

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Pros and cons of recruiting during COVID-19

Appeared in Human Resources Director on August 18, 2020

Remote hiring opens new possibilities for both employers and employees. Jason Gay, Head of Talent at Nitro, shares some of the pros and cons of recruiting during COVID-19.

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Best Excel to PDF converter

Appeared in TechRadar on July 30, 2020

Tech Radar shares the top picks for converting XLS files into PDF. Nitro Pro is included on the 2020 list.

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Quest for quality driving investors into technology, says Nitro boss

Appeared in The Sydney Morning Herald on July 17, 2020

A quest for quality in equity markets globally is driving investors to pick up technology stocks and it's a trend Nitro Founder and CEO, Sam Chandler, says is here to stay as digital become the default for consumers and businesses.

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Success of a digital work space change will be user experience

Appeared in Irish Times on June 25, 2020

An interview with Nitro COO, Gina O’Reilly, on how remote work has already been a growing trend in San Francisco—and fully enabling your workforce to work from home is not just critical to business continuity, but necessary for business survival.

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The future of work has arrived: prepare now by going digital first

Appeared in Irish Times on June 24, 2020

Research from Nitro Analytics confirms the new way of working is here to stay. Here are the workplace trends that we are seeing today (and a preview of what we expect post COVID-19).

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Nitro launches electronic signature solution

Appeared in iTWire on June 8, 2020

With companies now contemplating a more permanent shift to employees working from anywhere in the future, Nitro Sign is a standalone electronic signature solution intended to help set organizations up to be more efficient and better embrace digital transformation over the long term.

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Nitro appoints Mark Flanagan as senior vice president worldwide sales

Appeared in Tech Central on June 3, 2020

Mark Flanagan will become senior VP of worldwide sales. This structural change comes in the wake of the launch of Nitro Sign, the standalone electronic signature solution that allows users to sign any device.

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Nitro Launches Free E-Signing Solution

Appeared in Biz Plus on June 3, 2020

Software company Nitro has launched a new product that allows users to electronically sign and digitally collaborate on documents.

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Nitro joins free software push

Appeared in The Australian on June 1, 2020

Australian tech companies like Nitro are driving digital transformation for the world’s largest enterprise companies, as they continue to shift to 100% remote work.

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3 ways to make your team more productive without breaking the bank

Appeared in Business Insider on March 3, 2020

Integrated software is an inherently cost-effective approach to document productivity (and there’s data that supports this). With an all-in-one PDF and eSigning solution, offices of the future can notably reduce overall costs associated with daily workflows.

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Nitro Software to scale Irish operations after successful IPO

Appeared in the Irish Times on December 12, 2019

Nitro plans to significantly scale operations in Dublin following its successful public listing in Australia. Dublin is now the company’s largest office globally.

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Nitro Software makes ASX debut, positions itself as main rival to Adobe

Appeared in Small Caps on December 11, 2019

A market research study commissioned by Nitro suggests there is a $5.5 billion revenue opportunity “attributable to the portion of Nitro’s serviceable available market which it may be able to realistically serve.”

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Nitro looks to blast apart IPO gloom with $325m float

Appeared in the Sydney Morning Herald on November 22, 2019

A string of failed ASX listings hasn't deterred Nitro from an IPO that is expected to result in an ASX launch.

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Nitro Software plans Australian IPO despite spate of listing cancellations

Appeared in Reuters on November 21, 2019

Nitro plans to raise A$110.2 million ($74.78 million) through an IPO in Australia, braving a tough local market where several listings have recently been pulled.

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