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Volets de navigation
21 avril 2021 10:39
Les volets de navigation sont utiles lorsque vous parcourez des documents PDF plus volumineux, vous offrant une vue globale des pages et des signets inclus dans le document.
Créer un fichier PDF
Nitro PDF Creator Preferences
21 avril 2021 10:42
Nitro PDF Creator is a virtual printer that enables you to generate a PDF from any application capable of printing. The default settings are for your everyday needs, though you can configure the creation parameters to work in any scenario.
Afficher et parcourir les fichiers PDF
Nitro PDF Web Browser Plugin
21 avril 2021 10:45
When you click a PDF file in your web browser, the Nitro Web Browser Plugin reads the file and displays it in the web browser.
Objets JavaScript
OCG object
21 avril 2021 10:48
This object provides support for Optional Content Groups. OCGs hold a collection of graphical objects, and are known as layers. You can dynamically switch properties of layers to make them visible or invisible to provide navigation in a PDF document.
Scanning and OCR
OCR Preferences
21 avril 2021 10:50
The I.R.I.S. OCR plugin fully integrates with Nitro Pro allowing it to recognize text from scanned pages, or from images in open PDF documents. The OCR utility is fully customizable, with options to configure options such as skewed image correction, to image compression settings. You can also enable text recognition for scanners directly on the Create PDF From Scanner dialog, to automatically create PDF documents from scanned pages with text that can be modified or searched.
Scanning and OCR
OCR a printed document with Create PDF from Scanner
21 avril 2021 11:01
To scan and OCR a physical document:
Scanning and OCR
OCR an existing PDF
21 avril 2021 11:04
How to OCR a document:
Mise en route
Obtaining Help
21 avril 2021 11:08
Nitro Pro features a Help tab giving you access to different tools to access product documentation and other online resources; such as the Knowledgebase and the User Forum.
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Open a PDF file
21 avril 2021 11:10
The first time you launch Nitro Pro, it checks if you have another PDF viewer installed on your system.Nitro Pro offers to make itself your default PDF viewer, allowing it to automatically open your PDF files when you double-click them from the file browser.
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Open and save files to a WebDAV location
21 avril 2021 11:14
Web-based Distributed Authoring and Versioning (or WebDAV), is a set of extensions to the HTTP protocol that allows users to collaboratively manage documents on a remote server. This is useful for storing files in a shared folder over HTTP, or in a document management system (DMS) such as Documentum or Hummingbird, so that the files can be accessed from anywhere.
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Open and save files to a document management system (DMS)
22 avril 2021 02:09
Nitro Pro provides support for a range of document management systems (DMS). This lets you work with repositories such as Microsoft Sharepoint to upload, share, and collaboratively edit documents on a remote web server or web share.
Convertir un PDF en d'autres formats
Compress and Optimize a PDF File
22 avril 2021 02:12
Nitro Pro includes a powerful set of tools for removing unwanted document objects and compressing images – helping you shrink files significantly.
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Output Pane
22 avril 2021 02:13
The Output Pane allows you to view any errors related to JavaScript or document processes.
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PDF Attachments Pane
23 avril 2021 05:24
The Attachments Pane gives you a centralized place to see and organize and save file attachments in a PDF document.
Convertir un PDF en d'autres formats
PDF to Word and RTF Export Settings
23 avril 2021 05:26
There are several settings that give you control over the output Nitro Pro creates when exporting PDF content to Microsoft Word (.DOC) and Rich Text Format (.RTF) documents. These settings can be accessed by clicking the Options… button directly within the export window, or from within Nitro Pro’s Preferences window.
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Page through the document
23 avril 2021 05:29
To navigate a PDF file page-by-page, use the Page Controls options on the bar at the bottom of the window:
La sécurité
Password security
23 avril 2021 05:33
To restrict access and use of your content, you can secure your PDF file with one of the following types of password:
La sécurité
Permission settings
23 avril 2021 05:35
The usage permission settings let you restrict what features can be used when a recipient opens a file you have secured. This means, for example, that you can distribute documents that can’t be edited or printed, but can be opened and viewed. Using these permission settings with digital ID certificate-based security gives you even greater flexibility as you can set different permissions for each individual recipient of your file.
Personnaliser l'interface utilisateur
24 avril 2021 07:07
You can configure Nitro Pro to customize the appearance, functions, and conversion settings to suit your workflow.
Afficher et parcourir les fichiers PDF
Aperçu des fichiers PDF
24 avril 2021 07:11
Deux des composants clés du flux de travail PDF sont : la possibilité d'échanger des documents PDF avec des pairs et des collègues, et la flexibilité administrative des fichiers numériques par rapport aux documents papier. Dans les deux cas, il n'est pas toujours intuitif de comprendre quels fichiers sont traités en se basant uniquement sur le nom du fichier. Pour simplifier la gestion visuelle des fichiers PDF, Nitro Pro intègre son moteur de visualisation PDF dans Microsoft Outlook et Windows Explorer, vous permettant de visualiser vos fichiers PDF et pièces jointes avant de les ouvrir dans Nitro Pro.
Créer un fichier PDF
Print PDF Files
24 avril 2021 07:12
With Nitro Pro you can print your PDF documents if you need paper copies for further processing or distribution.
Créer un fichier PDF
Imprimer sur Nitro PDF Creator
24 avril 2021 07:25
Si vous utilisez une application capable d'imprimer des fichiers, vous pouvez également utiliser cette application pour créer des documents PDF. Nitro PDF Creator est inclus dans Nitro Pro et est une imprimante virtuelle qui vous permet de créer un fichier PDF à partir de n'importe quelle application capable d'imprimer. Nitro PDF Creator est prêt à l'emploi sans aucune configuration et est automatiquement installé sur votre gestionnaire d'imprimante Windows.
Mise en route
Visite du produit
24 avril 2021 07:27
La visite guidée des produits Nitro Pro vous offre un moyen rapide d'apprendre à effectuer les tâches les plus couramment utilisées. C'est l'endroit idéal pour que les nouveaux utilisateurs commencent à se familiariser avec le programme.
La sécurité
Redaction in a PDF
25 avril 2021 06:00
Redaction permanently removes parts of text or images from a PDF file, and replaces them with black rectangles. This lets you remove sensitive information from a paragraph, table, heading, or a bitmap image. The rest of the document is unaffected, and can be viewed and printed normally.
La sécurité
Supprimer les métadonnées d'un PDF
25 avril 2021 09:59
Les métadonnées sont des informations de support sur le document PDF. Il peut décrire des propriétés telles que les auteurs, la date de création du document, les numéros de référence, les informations sur les images intégrées, etc.
Combiner et organiser des documents
Reorder Pages in a PDF
25 avril 2021 10:01
You can easily rearrange pages within your PDF files using the tools in Nitro Pro. With the Pages pane, it’s simply a matter of dragging the pages into the desired order.
Replace an Image in a PDF
25 avril 2021 10:03
The Replace Image functionality lets you remove one image and put another in its place. Once inserted, you can use the full set of image editing tools to correctly position and size the new image.
Réviser et commenter
Répondre au commentaire
26 avril 2021 02:43
Nitro Pro makes it easy for you to reply to individual comments made by other reviewers. Each reply is linked with the original comment, allowing you to review multiple replies in the Comments Pane. This can streamline electronic document review cycles by organizing multiple replies so that they appear in a thread, and save you from having to sort through them one-by-one.
Reset Form Data
26 avril 2021 02:47
One of the most helpful buttons you can create on your PDF forms is one that permits the user to clear populated fields, also referred to as a Reset button. If you are working with a form that doesn’t contain a Reset button,Nitro Pro includes a Reset tool that allows you to quickly clear data from all of the fields in the form.
Resize and Crop Images in a PDF
26 avril 2021 02:48
The image editing tools let you resize an image proportionally, or you can adjust just the height or width. If you want to permanently remove detail from the edges of images then you can use the crop tool.
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