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IT Professionals Day: Top IT Leaders Weigh in Their Experiences
Appeared in AiThority on September 21, 2021 Nitro's CPO, Sam Thorpe, and other leaders discuss the value IT pros bring to the tech industry.
Why paper (yes, paper) is causing remote workers more stress
Appeared in HR Tech Cube on September 9, 2021 Businesses probably don’t think about paper that often, but it causes more workflow inefficiencies and bottlenecks than you might think.
Why there has never been a better time to go paperless
Appeared in KMWorld on August 31, 2021 Weaning your business off paper completely will certainly not happen overnight, but it can be done! If there is still some hesitation, here are three of the top reasons to start making the transition to paperless today.
Women's Equality Day 2021: Reflecting on Equality in the Workplace
Appeared in VMblog on August 26, 2021 Nitro's COO, Gina O'Reilly, along with other women leaders share their thoughts on gender equality within the workplace and share their advice to those women who are kick starting their careers.
Creating Value Through Authenticity: Sam Thorpe, Chief Product Officer, Nitro
Appeared in Intelligent CIO on August 9, 2021 Sam Thorpe, Chief Product Officer, Nitro, discusses the philosophies he attributes to success in product development: ‘Create value for others first; focus on storytelling as a means to success and support behavior change throughout the process’.
Sam Thorpe Of Nitro On How To Use Digital Transformation To Take Your Company To The Next Level
Appeared in Authority Magazine on August 11, 2021 Nitro's CPO, Sam Thorpe, was featured in Authority Magazine's series about “How To Use Digital Transformation To Take Your Company To The Next Level.”
Nitro Launches New Partner Acceleration Program and Partner Portal
Appeared in eChannelNews on August 4, 2021 Nitro Software announced a series of significant updates to its Partner Acceleration Program and the launch of its Partner Portal.
Why there has never been a better time to go paperless
Appeared in IT Brief Australia on August 2, 2021 The idea of a truly ‘paperless office’ has been talked about for many years, but few organisations have actually adopted the concept and eliminated paper for good.
Document productivity vendor Nitro launches new partner program as they move to platform model
Appeared in Channel Buzz on July 23, 2021 San Francisco-based Nitro Software, which has historically competed against Adobe in the PDF market with lower-cost offerings, has stepped up its partner enablement support.
Nitro Software (ASX:NTO) launches Nitro Sign
Appeared in the Market Herald on July 21, 2021 Nitro Software (NTO) has launched its Nitro Sign subscription product, offering customers unlimited, enterprise-grade eSigning capability.
Nitro refreshes partner program
Appeared in ARN on July 20, 2021 Document solutions vendor Nitro has updated its partner program, which it claims will now offer new discounts and margins to partners.
Nitro Software, Infinicept Roll Out New Opportunities, Benefits for Partners
Appeared in Channel Futures on July 19, 2021 Nitro Software has updated its Partner Acceleration Program and launched its new partner portal. These changes allow the company to become a channel-first leader in PDF productivity and eSignature solutions.
Nitro Acquires PDFpen from Smile
Appeared in TidBITS on July 12, 2021 As Macs, iPhones, and iPads have become more prevalent in the enterprise, largely as a result of employee-choice and “bring your own device” programs, the need for Nitro to expand into the Apple world became apparent.
Nitro Software acquires PDFpen for $6m cash
Appeared in IT Brief Australia on July 5, 2021 Nitro Software is set to acquire PDFpen, a suite of PDF productivity applications for Mac, iPhone and iPad. Under the agreement, Nitro will pay $6 million in cash for the solution.
Work Smarter, Not Harder: Tech Industry Experts Reflect On World Productivity Day For All Year Round
Appeared in Software Business Growth Magazine on June 23, 2021 In honor of World Productivity Day, Nitro's COO Gina O'Reilly and other tech experts shared some insights on productivity and how to help teams achieve work-life balance.
3 Best Practices For Managing Remote Employees Long Term
Appeared in SalesTech Star on June 21, 2021 Nitro's COO Gina O'Reilly shares best practices for managing employees remotely and developing a thoughtful digital-first strategy.
Why the paperless office is more important than ever before
Appeared in on June 17, 2021 Using less paper in the workplace will result in a more efficient workplace, direct cost savings and a greener environment. Gina O’Reilly, COO of Nitro, explains the benefits of a paperless office and how to go paperless.
Focusing on the essential: Upping the ante for World Productivity Day
Appeared in Digital Journal on June 15, 2021 Nitro's COO Gina O'Reilly shares on how remote work has affected productivity and what companies should do to stay ahead in a remote-first world.
Homegrown Australian Technology Stars Back ESignatures Push
Appeared in Scoop Independent News on June 11, 2021 Nitro Software (ASX: NTO), a global document productivity company, has begun a campaign to make electronic signatures a permanent feature of the Australian business landscape, and tech leaders of Australian-born companies with a combined value of more than A$100 billion have added their voices to the campaign.
Nitro leads campaign push on electronic signatures
Appeared in iTWire on June 10, 2021 ASX-listed Nitro Software, a firm that had its origins in Melbourne and offers a service to create, edit and sign PDFs and digital documents, has begun a campaign it says will make electronic signatures a permanent feature of the Australian business landscape.
The Surprising Reason Remote Workers Are Stressed Out Right Now
Appeared in HRTech Series on May 17, 2021 Nitro's COO Gina O'Reilly shares her thoughts on the challenges of working from home and how to make remote work less stressful for employees.
New GigaOm Report Reveals Digitizing Document Workflows Is a Top Enterprise Priority
Appeared in DR Journal on April 29, 2021 Among three leading solutions, the Nitro Productivity Suite is rated as: “Capable, cost-efficient, and easy to both learn and understand.
From Macro To Micro, SaaS CFOs Flex Their Metrics Might
Appeared in Forbes on April 28, 2021 “The beauty of a SaaS business is that it’s sticky—and as it incrementally serves your existing customers with more units of your product or additional products, it creates another layer in the overall stream of ARR [annual recurring revenue],” observes Ana Sirbu, CFO of Nitro.
Specific and Time-bound, Aggressive Yet Realistic | Ana Sirbu, CFO, Nitro
Appeared on CFO Thought Leader on April 26, 2021 Not unlike other finance leaders, Nitro CFO Ana Sirbu wants you to know that she’s a “prioritizer.” Both personally and professionally, Sirbu has created a list of objectives that never strays far from her mind’s eye.
Working from Home Brings New Stresses
Appeared in Document Manager Magazine on April 13, 2021 Nitro's research indicates that over 90% of knowledge workers feel stressed at work in a typical week, largely due to insufficient document productivity tools.
Technology Leaders Reflect On The Technological Impact Of One-Year Of Remote Work
Appeared in HR Tech Series on April 9, 2021 Nitro's COO, Gina O'Reilly, along with other technology leaders from the IT and cloud industry share their insights on how they coped with the perils of COVID-19 lockdown.
Technology Leaders Reflect on the Technological Impact of One Year of Remote Work
Appeared in Dataversity on April 7, 2021 Several leading technology vendors, including Nitro's COO Gina O'Reilly, share stories and lessons learned from the past year, and what to look for as we move forward in the forever-altered technology landscape.
3 Simple Ways to Improve Your Digital Employee Experience
Appeared in Recruiter Today on April 2, 2021 Our working world looks very different than it did two years ago, but the employee experience is more important now than ever. So, how can employers redefine the employee experience in an increasingly remote workplace?
#ChooseToChallenge: How These Women in Tech Rise to the Challenge
Appeared in AiThority on March 30, 2021 Nitro's COO Gina O'Reilly shares her advice for organizations and fellow professionals on how they can pave the way for gender equality once and for all.
Is this the best small cap ASX share to buy now?
Appeared in Motely Fool Australia on March 26, 2021 Are you a fan of small cap shares? If you are, then you might want to take a look at Nitro Software.
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Nitro adquirirá Connective, líder europeo en eSign
noviembre09 ,202105 :04 PM
La adquisición posiciona a Nitro para convertirse en un 3 proveedor global líder en firma electrónica empresarial
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Los empleados nunca quieren renunciar al trabajo remoto, según el nuevo informe de productividad de Nitro
Octubre 21 , 2021 10 : 44 M.
75 % de los trabajadores del conocimiento dice que el apoyo de la FMH es extremadamente o muy importante al considerar oportunidades de empleo futuras.
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Nitro Expands Presence in North America with New Toronto Hub
Septiembre 23 , 2021 09 : 33 M.
Global document productivity software company selects the Toronto Region to support global talent acquisition and diversification strategy
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Appointment of Independent Non-Executive Director
Agosto 18 , 2021 08 : 10 M.
19 agosto 2021
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Nitro Launches Unlimited eSigning, Integration with Salesforce
20 de julio de 2021 07:10 p. m.
21 July 2021
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Nitro Launches New Partner Acceleration Program and Partner Portal to Become a Channel-First Leader in PDF Productivity and eSignature Solutions
19 julio, 2021 09 : 58 M.
Enables global resellers and distributors to maximize Nitro's document productivity solutions
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Nitro announces completion of PDFpen acquisition
15 de julio de 2021 05:44 p. m.
12 July 2021
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Nitro to acquire PDFpen, expanding productivity to Mac, iPhone, and iPad users
28 de junio de 2021, 10:38 a. m.
28 junio 2021
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New eBook Launches: “Ahead of the Curve: Financial Services Accelerate Business with Nitro”
15 de junio de 2021, 09:47 a. m.
Intended to help financial services CIOs adapt to remote work and evolving digital needs
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Homegrown Australian Technology Stars Back eSignatures Push
10 de junio de 2021, 10:33 a. m.
Nitro leads challenge to make permanent change in Australian legislation
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Nitro Appoints New CFO and CMO to Accelerate Growth of Document Productivity Platform
Octubre 13 , 2020 01 : 37 M.
Former BlueVine and Imperva executives join global leadership team at Nitro Software
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New Nitro Future of Work Report Shows How Lack of Access to Digital Tools Impacts Remote Work
Septiembre 16 , 2020 05 : 08 M.
Only 39% of workers feel their document workflows are somewhat up to date at best 95% see room for improvement in how their organizations handle documents 73% of workers plan to WFH as much or more frequently, even post-pandemic
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Digital tools key to enterprise knowledge worker productivity during COVID-19, finds new Nitro Future of Work report
21 de julio de 2020 09:23 p. m.
Report finds printing and paper have taken a massive hit, yet businesses see improvements in productivity and faster turnaround times on key workflows. Enterprises switch to permanent document and workflow digitization for ongoing time and cost savings, as Nitro reports significant uptick in demand for its products. Despite business benefits, data shows a shift in work/life balance, and changes to the typical 9-5 workday.
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Nitro Launches Smarter eSigning to Accelerate Digital Workflows and Help Businesses Shift to Remote Work
09 de junio de 2020, 11:33 a. m.
Nitro Sign is now available for FREE through the end of 2020 to support all individuals and businesses as they transition to a ‘new normal’ of remote and digital work The new standalone eSigning solution follows strong company performance in Q1 and a surge in demand for digital transformation solutions as a result of COVID-19
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Nitro Research Shows Impact of Document Challenges on Employee Satisfaction and Customer Experience
Octubre 30 , 2019 12 : 00 M.
Only 3% of knowledge workers are happy with document management at their companies.
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Nitro to Bring eSigning Solution and Document Productivity Alternative to Middle East and Africa
08 de mayo de 2019, 12:00 a. m.
Nitro will drive digital transformation in MEA through partnership with region's largest IT distributor
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Nitro Partners with Dropbox to Provide PDF Productivity and eSigning
noviembre06 ,201812 :00 SOY
Nitro integration with Dropbox Extensions will expand PDF productivity capabilities for users directly within Dropbox
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Nitro Productivity Suite Provides Streamlined PDF Workflow and Electronic Signatures at Enterprise Scale
12 de junio de 2018, 12:00 a. m.
New product suite combines unlimited eSignatures with PDF productivity tools to eliminate paper-based processes and drive digital transformation
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Australian Workers Admit to Non-Compliance and Security Risks
Agosto 29 , 2017 12 : 00 M.
One in three enterprise employees guilty of sending work documents through personal email accounts
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Nitro Raises US$15m Series C Funding Round to Further Accelerate Growth in the Enterprise
04 de abril de 2017 12:00 a. m.
SAN FRANCISCO, April 4th, 2017—Nitro, the leader in document productivity solutions, today announced a US$15 million capital raise led by global investment firm Battery Ventures to further fuel the company’s global push to become the document productivity and digital transformation partner of choice for the enterprise.
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Nitro Acquires doxIQ to Boost Document Analytics Expertise
Octubre 22 , 2015 12 : 00 M.
October 22, 2015—Nitro, the document productivity company, announced it has acquired doxIQ, enhancing Nitro’s document analytics technology as the company begins transitioning from 10 years as the No. 1 replacement for Adobe Acrobat to a cloud-based provider of Smart Document services.
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Nitro Launches Pro 10 and New Cloud SaaS Solution, Accelerating the Way Businesses Create, Prepare and Sign Documents
09 de junio de 2015, 12:00 a. m.
New SaaS solution, Nitro Pro+ 10, uses Nitro Cloud technology to offer seamless integration to unlimited e-signing capabilities on desktop Full suite of Nitro’s document tools now available as subscription service New integrations with document storage solutions Google Drive, OneDrive and Dropbox
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Nitro Continues Expansion in Europe; Hits 500,000th Customer Milestone as AIB signs up in Ireland
febrero24 ,201512 :00 SOY
DUBLIN – 24 February, 2015 – Nitro, a leading provider of document productivity and workflow solutions, today announced it has reached 500,000 customers globally as one of Ireland’s largest commercial and retail banks, Allied Irish Bank (AIB), has signed on to rollout Nitro to over 1,000 employees. Nitro has experienced over 50% growth in Europe since announcing the opening of its Dublin office at the 2013 Web Summit.
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Nitro Founder Celebrated as Australian EY Emerging Entrepreneur of the Year
noviembre24 ,201412 :00 SOY
MELBOURNE – 21 November, 2014 – Nitro Founder and CEO Sam Chandler was named the national winner in the Emerging category at last night’s finalist awards ceremony for the 2014 EY Australian Entrepreneur of the Year in Melbourne. This follows Chandler’s win in the same category for the Southern Region in July.
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Nitro Secures $15m from Battery Ventures to Bring Smarter Documents to Everyone
noviembre04 ,201412 :00 SOY
SAN FRANCISCO – November 4, 2014 – Nitro, a leading document productivity company, today announced that it has closed a $15 million funding round from Battery Ventures to accelerate its vision of bringing smarter documents to everyone. It also announced that Michael Brown, general partner at Battery, will be joining Nitro’s Board of Directors.
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Nitro Founder and CEO Named ‘Best Mid-Market Rising Star’ at the BRW GE Capital Momentum Awards
Agosto 28 , 2014 12 : 00 M.
MELBOURNE—28 August, 2014 – Nitro Founder and CEO Sam Chandler emerged as the 2014 ‘Best Rising Star’ at the BRW GE Capital Momentum Awards last night, recognised for driving the growth and international expansion of Nitro, the Australian-founded digital document productivity and collaboration company.
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Nitro Announces Microsoft RMS Integration with Nitro Pro
03 de junio de 2014, 12:00 a. m.
Nitro Pro with RMS Introduces User-Based File Security for Businesses
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Nitro Reveals Large Gap in Business Preparation for Windows XP Deadline
marcha24 ,201412 :00 SOY
With one-third of organizations yet to upgrade to Windows 7/8, opportunity exists for IT departments to evaluate other applications
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Nitro Continues Expansion in Europe; Appoints Veteran John O'Keeffe as VP, EMEA
febrero12 ,201412 :00 SOY
Expansion plans fueled by rapidly growing customer base in Europe
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Nitro reconocido como el ganador 50
noviembre28 ,201312 :00 SOY
MELBOURNE (noviembre de 28 , 2013 Nitro, un proveedor líder de soluciones de flujo de trabajo y productividad de documentos, ha sido reconocida como una de las 50 empresas de tecnología de más rápido crecimiento en Australia. El Deloitte Technology Fast 50 clasifica y perfila las empresas australianas, tanto públicas como privadas, que han logrado las tasas más rápidas de crecimiento anual de ingresos durante los últimos tres años (según el porcentaje de crecimiento de ingresos entre 2011 y 2013 ).
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Informe de productividad de Nitro para 2022

Descubra cómo la pandemia ha transformado la productividad, los flujos de trabajo y las iniciativas digitales, así como las tendencias y tecnologías que dan forma al trabajo en 2022 y más allá.