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6 Reasons Small Businesses Love Nitro


Learn how small to medium sized businesses use Nitro’s PDF & eSign solutions to accelerate growth and digital transformation.

Small to medium sized businesses (SMBs) are a driving force in today’s economy: they’re building communities, creating employment opportunities and contributing to global innovation. Did you know SMBs also make up 90% of all firms globally?

While the future of SMBs is highly optimistic, it's no secret they come up against many challenges in today’s competitive business environment. As organizations of all sizes face an urgent need for digital transformation, SMBs are tackling these obstacles with fewer resources, support and technology than their large enterprise counterparts.

So whether you're a team of 1 or 1,000 or 100,000+—Nitro can help. Let's dive into the top reasons why SMBs love us and why we are the right-sized PDF and eSign partner for your digital transformation.

1. Get the Value You Need (and Deserve!)

Inflation worries, tightening budgets, supply chain constraints and talent shortages—regardless of industry, you are likely experiencing a lot of pressures right now. Wondering if you’re paying too much for software shouldn’t be one of them.

Nitro's PDF and eSign solutions offer a lower total cost of ownership than leading competitors by eliminating volume constraints and hidden fees. Our flexible discounts for larger deployments mean you can scale your PDF software at the pace of your organizational needs.

If you’re feeling inspired to learn more about how we can help you get more value for your money, check out our eBook, 7 Considerations for Choosing a PDF Provider.

2. Enjoy the Flexibility to Grow

Your organization is unique. As an SMB, you have specific needs, shifting priorities and you’re constantly being forced to adapt and balance it all. No matter if you are a team of 2 or 2,000, your workforce needs to stay connected to remain productive and keep your business competitive. You shouldn’t get left behind just because your software vendor can’t scale with you.

We believe flexibility is the secret to success for SMBs, and we thrive on helping organizations like yours leverage opportunities. That’s why we offer multiple licensing options to ensure you get the best fit for your organization’s needs, no matter what stage of the transformation journey you’re in.

3. Gain a Strategic Digital Transformation Partner

SMBs can often feel undervalued and not get the strategic relationship with large vendors they need. In fact, 86% of enterprises believe their organization cares for its SMB customers, but only 64% of SMBs feel the same.

Unfortunately, many software vendors make you pay a sizable sum to get the dedicated support your organization needs. But that doesn’t mean you need to remove it from your criteria list. We place customer support at the forefront of everything we do. When you join the Nitro community, you can think of our team as a digital extension of yours and expect a personalized, tailored experience.

4. Measure and Track Your Savings

Data is the lifeblood of every organization, however SMBs can often struggle to use it to its full potential. But leveraging data doesn’t need to be complicated, time consuming or expensive.

Nitro helps your small business measure success throughout your digital transformation journey to drive performance and improve processes. With Nitro Analytics, you can see your cost, paper and time savings from eSigning, your environmental impact and there’s even an ROI calculator built directly into the platform.

Analytics Animation - ROI Calculator

Want to see what your organization could save?

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5. Simplify and Automate Document Processes

We understand your small business is often up against time constraints, moving timelines and everything in between. Your team works hard. Now, you can give them some well-earned time back.

Nitro’s solutions are all designed to help boost productivity and save those precious hours. They’re built as a connected ecosystem that work seamlessly together and integrates with the tools you already use like Microsoft Outlook and SharePoint.

When real estate SMB Immoweb implemented Nitro Sign into their workflows, they enjoyed considerable time savings across their lease agreement process. The template portal helped their users easily automate repetitive eSignature tasks, eliminate errors and increase efficiency.

Full compliance, easy integration and a friendly user experience were the top reasons we chose to partner with Nitro.
Grégory Noirfalise, Project Lead Switch Business at Immoweb

6. Do Business with Peace of Mind

As an SMB, you may find it challenging to implement and maintain robust document security measures. These gaps make your organization a prime target for phishing attacks, ransomware and other cyber threats. A recent study shows that such incidents are costing companies with fewer than 500 employees on average $3.31 million.

Facing security may feel like a minefield, which is why Nitro takes care of everything for you—without compromising your user experience. To help you keep sensitive data safe, our comprehensive PDF solution gives you the option to password protect, redact, watermark and whiteout your documents. Our high-trust strategy and dedication to protecting the data of millions of business users every day means you can be confident your data is safe across the eSigning process.

How Else Can Nitro Power Your Digital Transformation?

No matter your industry, Nitro gives small businesses an edge with powerful, yet affordable, digital tools. As your productivity partner, we will help your organization further accelerate growth and thrive.

Talk to our team of experts today to explore our trusted PDF and eSign solutions.

Editor's Note: This article was originally published in November 2022 and has been updated to reflect updates to Nitro solutions.