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Say Yes to More: Build a Mobile Workforce with Nitro


What do you need from a PDF vendor to enable your employees to work on the go, across multiple devices? Read on to find out.

It’s no secret the modern office is rapidly evolving into a remote workforce.

Employee needs and priorities are shifting, and now more than ever, they are seeking greater flexibility and the freedom to work how, when and where they want. One thing’s for certain: your organization cannot afford to miss the mark. These rising expectations must be met, or else you run the risk of losing talent in an already turbulent labor market.

So how can you deliver the mobile experiences that employees demand? Adapting your technology and equipping your people with the right tools is the first step. But despite the focus on driving digital transformation, software vendors can make this change costly and cumbersome for organizations.

In this guide, you will learn what to look for in a software vendor—one that can help you achieve next-level productivity and prepare for the rapid evolution of the remote workforce.

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Your Employees Want Freedom to Work from Anywhere

Today’s employees are more mobile than ever—they’re no longer tied to an office or desk and are embracing opportunities to work remotely and on the go. They're also taking advantage of a variety of tools and devices to get their work done.

McKinsey states that a modern approach to flexibility must be adopted in the workplace—one that goes above and beyond providing employees the option to work from home. In other words, today’s employees expect to be given full control of how and when their work is done, and if they don’t get it, they’ll look elsewhere. This isn’t likely to change. In fact, 55% of employees and 65% of IT employees say that having flexible work experiences is a leading factor in deciding if they stay loyal to their current jobs.

So, your organization knows what’s at stake and you’ve made the decision to equip more of your employees with the tools a remote workforce needs. Sounds straightforward, right?

Unfortunately, the licensing models of some PDF vendors can make this complex and unachievable for many businesses:

  • Separate licenses may be required for desktop and mobile platforms which can hike up costs 
  • Users may need to sign in whenever they move between these platforms  
  • IT may incur extra work in managing licenses and supporting users as they migrate between devices

Enable a Digitally Empowered, Mobile Workforce

The modern workforce will continue to transform—and your organization must be able to adapt. That’s why you should think of your PDF software vendor as your partner on your journey; a partner that’s committed to your success and helping you make mobility a core focus in your digital transformation efforts.

It’s important to remember that mobility isn’t a once off initiative—it requires a long-term approach. Software should help the organization:

  • Enable collaboration and connection from anywhere 
  • Improve engagement and productivity 
  • Increase employee satisfaction 
  • Retain employees 
  • Reduce costs 

How Nitro Simplifies Mobility and Remote Work

The Nitro Productivity Platform works across desktop and mobile devices and other solutions within the Nitro portfolio so your workforce can collaborate no matter where they are located.

You can also standardize your digital processes on a single platform for PDF productivity, eSigning and Analytics with white-glove support and a dedicated Customer Success Manager for a fraction of the cost of other leading vendors.

Our flexible discounts for qualified deployments mean you can scale your PDF software at the pace of your organizational needs. So, if you decide to move your workforce to a fully remote model or offer a short term ‘work from anywhere’ program, we’ll help you achieve your goals with solutions your employees will love to use.

Logistics leader Pacific National came to Nitro with a goal to equip more employees with the technology they needed to complete their jobs, without the high costs. By making the move to Nitro, they successfully expanded PDF productivity and eSignature capabilities to every Pacific National worker across a virtualized environment, not just select users.

"I feel like we're actually giving people better tools to do their job, for less money. Ultimately, Nitro is helping me achieve my goal to enable our workforce to improve cost efficiencies and productivity."
Sarah McCullough, Business Applications Manager | Pacific National

Are You Ready to Say ‘Yes’ to a Mobile Workforce

One thing about the future of work is very clear: digitally enabling your employees can give your organization a powerful competitive edge.

Choosing Nitro as your partner means you can say “YES” to increased productivity, lower costs and greater autonomy for your users.

Talk to our PDF experts today to explore Nitro’s remote workforce tools and make the best decision for your business needs.