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Discover intelligent insights with real-time analytics

Prove ROI, track sustainability and make data-driven decisions with self-service analytics tools.
“Nitro’s Audit Trail & Analytics features allowed the accounting department to create an ‘electronic filing cabinet’ of signatures, simplifying their auditing processes.”
Sean Shordon, IT Project Manager, Salem Media
Prove your ROI
Demonstrate and improve profitability through intelligent, data-driven analytical insights.
Track sustainability savings
Keep tabs on your organizational & environmental savings with sustainability tracking.
Easily analyze data
Track financial targets, key metrics and growth goals in a user-friendly analytics dashboard.
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Download our eBook Driving Sustainability Through Digitalization: A Guide from Core Objectives to Outcomes.
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FAQs about our business analytics tools

How much does Nitro Analytics cost? Is it a standalone product?
Nitro Analytics is part of the Nitro Platform, a multi-license software application for mid- to large organizations.

The Nitro Platform includes Analytics for businesses to track, analyze and drive improvement from their day-to-day use of Nitro software, as well as their overall growth and sustainability targets.

To learn more about cost, talk to Nitro about the number of licenses you require today.

How does Nitro Analytics help me prove ROI?
Nitro Analytics offers an overview of organizational metrics and KPI tracking, capturing every step of your business's document lifecycle and providing you with actionable insights.

The resulting data is a look at what kinds of returns the investments you make in your organization are providing you - and how they can continue to be grown.

Does Nitro Analytics offer sustainability tracking?
Yes, Nitro Analytics allows you to get an in-depth look at how your organization is keeping pace with its sustainability goals.

Our sustainability tracking is able to provide insights into your organization's environmental KPIs and overall savings from sustainability initiatives.

What size business is Nitro Analytics right for?
Nitro Analytics, as part of the Nitro Platform, is ideal for mid- to large- organizations who require at least 20 licenses.

To learn more about cost, talk to Nitro about the number of licenses you require today.

Which industries is Nitro Analytics best for?
Nitro Analytics can provide actionable data and insights for businesses in a range of industries, including:
Track KPIs & Sustainability
Get intelligent business analytics and insights that drive ROI.