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Say Yes to More: How Nitro Reduces PDF Costs and Increases Scalability


If you are paying your PDF vendor too much for too little, learn how to get more value at a lower cost of ownership.

Feel like you’re paying too much for too little with your PDF solution? You’re not the only one. For far too long, the standard bearers of the PDF industry have charged too much for their products. They’ve benefited from monopoly-like pricing, complicated licensing agreements and confusing product differentiation—while taking advantage of paying customers who are simply seeking a quality PDF editing, reading or writing tool.

And for years, they’ve gotten away with it.

When considering an alternative vendor or evaluating a PDF solution for the first time, fair prices should be at the top of your list. But what do we mean by “fair”?

With rising inflation affecting prices across the board and many businesses tightening budgets, it’s more important than ever to find PDF & software vendors who give you more value and respect your business needs and budget.

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Predatory Pricing Shouldn’t be the Norm for PDF Tools

Yet, sadly, it often is. Some vendors offer a “Pro” version for power users which comes with a pricey markup if you want all the features available. So IT managers are left wondering whether the Standard version will suffice for their users, and the list price for the “standard” product isn’t cheap either.

In addition, businesses can get locked into lengthy PDF licensing agreements, where the terms for expanding usage are confusing. Have you ever been blindsided by surprise audits and forced to fork over more money to equip a growing numbers of users? This tactic is not only frustrating and expensive, but also means you can’t scale as your needs change.

Why Multiple PDF Software Vendors Isn’t the Way to Control Costs

Faced with costly invoices and increasing expenditures, businesses can understandably feel as though they are caught between a rock and a hard place. One solution is to mix and match PDF software providers.

Some employees, the “power users,” will gain access to the most expensive laden “Pro” software. Others, those deemed less likely to use the software as heavily, may be provisioned a cheaper alternative that can be deployed at greater scale.

There are many problems with a multiple-vendor approach.

• Few users realistically need the most high-powered PDF software on the market.

• IT departments are often overspending on a bloated product.

• Multiple vendors for one type of software is more difficult for IT to manage, track and train users.

How to Scale Your PDF Solutions Cost-Effectively

The good news: there are vendors out there who have your best interests in mind.

A good vendor:

• Prioritizes long-term customer partnerships rather than purchases.

• Positions themselves as your PDF solution partner, not just another technology sales organization.

• Provides a dedicated team to support you 24/7.

You deserve a fair, flexible PDF licensing structure that allows you to scale easily.

You deserve straightforward pricing without surprise audits and overages.

You deserve a lower total cost of ownership, with ease of deployment and centralized licensing management.

Nitro’s PDF Software Pricing Transparency

Nitro PDF Pro includes the full suite of tools and features at an affordable, transparent price so you can provide every employee with everything they need to be productive. Our flexible discounts for larger deployments mean you can scale your PDF software at the pace of your organizational needs.

With one standardized product, Nitro can also be deployed faster and more broadly than competing solutions. Nitro customers do not have to worry about different pricing tiers or which features users really need.

The PDF software you need shouldn’t be confusing and costly. It’s time to say YES to morecost-effective licensing options.

Would you like to learn more about how Nitro can support your business through a deployment or manage a change in PDF software vendors?

Feel free to reach out for a personal conversation about your needs or to schedule a personal demo of Nitro PDF Pro or the Nitro Pro Business for businesses with PDF, eSign and Analytics.

Editor's Note: This article was originally published in November 2022 and has been updated to reflect the launch of our new Nitro Pro solution.