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Say Yes to More: Simplify PDF Licensing with Nitro vs. Adobe


Explore the benefits of trading complicated, confusing licenses for Nitro’s simple, straightforward enterprise licensing model.

Imagine sitting down at a restaurant and perusing their expansive menu. At first, being presented with so many options seems great, but it can quickly become overwhelming. What’s it going to be—the steak au poivre with pomme frites...the halibut with haricot verts...the fettuccine alfredo?

When presented with too many options, making a simple decision can leave you feeling anxious and uncertain. Will you regret your decision later? Wait, the lasagne being delivered to the next table also looks delicious. Decisions, decisions!

Software & PDF Licensing Can Lead to Decision Paralysis

If you think making a menu selection is tough, choosing the right PDF license plan for a business can bring next-level anxiety.

Psychologist Barry Schwartz refers to this as the paradox of choice. We live in a world of abundance where having so much choice leads to decision paralysis (how you felt when deliberating over the menu) and lower satisfaction after deciding because of imagined alternatives (what you felt watching other patrons receive their orders while waiting for yours).

Adobe’s Licensing and Buying Programs are Confusing

Adobe customers are very familiar with the paradox of choice. Their mega menu of buying programs and licensing options organizes their large product portfolio into four buying programs. However, each buying program has highly variable term lengths and volume discounts, and it’s difficult to keep track of which products are included in what buying program.

While having so much choice sounds great at first, it ultimately creates confusion and stalls decision-making.

Many customers who have switched from Adobe to Nitro say our PDF pricing and licensing is simpler, more straightforward and easier to understand. Our smaller, yet equally powerful, product portfolio is grouped into two buying programs with less term length variability and refreshingly simple license management options.

For a limited time, you can get up to one year of Nitro PDF solutions subscription-free! Ask us how.

Complicated PDF License Management is Frustrating

Another common frustration we hear with Adobe is post-purchase license management. Particularly when organizations realize they need to equip more users with PDF productivity tools than originally planned. Or, on the flip side, want to remove a product like Document Cloud from the full Creative or Experience Cloud Enterprise License Agreement.

No matter your PDF vendor, you need to be wary of:

  • Having to contact the vendor just to add and remove users
  • Aggressive and unexpected audits
  • Fines for over-deployment
  • Retroactive backdating for licenses added after the original purchase
  • Bundled products and agreements that are difficult or costly to scale with your needs

Nitro Simplifies Software License Management

Nitro developed a simpler and easier way to manage licenses that enables IT administrators to independently provision and de-provision users. The Nitro Licensing System has many notable benefits like:

  • Access to licensed features once logged into Nitro PDF Pro
  • Just-in-time provisioning with single sign-on
  • Instant enablement of new features
  • Single point of administration for all Nitro products
  • Self-service options to manage user access
  • Extended, comprehensive analytics

Like our customer, Swiss Re, you might be searching for a new license because you are unable to scale your PDF solutions due to hefty price tags. Nitro helped them overcome a variety of complex challenges and roll out the tools that enabled a shift to fully digital contracts.

Today, more than 9,000 people across Swiss Re’s international network of offices are successfully using Nitro.

“We have a tool that reduces the quantity of products in use, and costs, by offering an alternative to more expensive products with similar functions.”
Heinz Urech, VP Information Technology

Nitro puts relationships first and we understand some customers, especially smaller organizations, feel undervalued and lack a strategic relationship with large vendors. Our customers enjoy a more personalized experience, such as:

  1. Additional PDF licenses to be included in quarterly true-ups
  2. 24/7 attentive support
  3. Dedicated Customer Success Manager at a lower cost

Are you ready to say YES to simple, scalable PDF licensing?

The bottom line is—software licensing shouldn’t be complicated. Reach out to our team to discuss your needs and explore Nitro solutions and licensing plans for your business.

Editor's Note: This article was originally published in October 2022 and has been updated to reflect the launch of our new Nitro Pro solution.