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User Management
Edit a User's Profile
As a Global Administrator of your team, you can edit the details of any users that have been added to your team account by following the steps below:
Account Management
Update Account Details
As the Global Administrator, you can view and update your account details from within the Nitro Admin portal.
Single Sign-On (SSO)
Disable SSO
Single Sign-On (SSO) allows your users to access Nitro's products by authenticating through your Identity Provider (IdP). Nitro supports SSO with any SAML 2.0-compliant IdP. You can disable Single Sign-On (SSO) for your team's account at any point through the Nitro Admin portal.
Account Management
View Account Details
As a Global Administrator for your team, you can view the details of your account in the Nitro Admin portal.
User Management
Inviting Users
As a Global Administrator of your team, you can invite other users to join your team via the Nitro Admin app. You can choose to invite each user on a one-off basis, or batch import a list of users using a .csv file.
User Management
Add or Remove Admin Roles
Assigning roles to your users grants them additional permissions so they can help manage your team.
User Management
Suspend a User
Suspending a user will prevent them from logging into Nitro and will block their access to Nitro products and services. Users can remain suspended for as long as needed, and can be restored at any point from within the Nitro Admin app.
User Management
Managing Invites
Any pending user invites can be managed via the Invited users section in the Nitro Admin app.
User Management
Reset a User's Password
As a Global Administrator for your team, you can reset passwords for any of the users in your team as outlined below.
Account Management
Set a Team Contact
You can set a Team Contact within the Nitro Admin portal, so that your users know who to reach out to for help with their accounts and Nitro's products.