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Suspend a User

Suspending a user will prevent them from logging into Nitro and will block their access to Nitro products and services. Users can remain suspended for as long as needed, and can be restored at any point from within the Nitro Admin app. All of the user's documents will be available in his/her account when it is restored.

Note: Suspending a user will not invalidate any pending signature requests, or revoke recipient access to documents shared by the suspended user.

As a Global Administrator for your team, you can suspend any active users on your team by following the steps below:

1. Login to the Nitro Admin app at
2. Select the Active Users option under the Manage Users tab in the left navigation pane
3. Search for the desired user, click the "..." (Options) button at the right side of the user's row, and select Suspend User from the dropdown


4. In the resulting modal, click Suspend User to confirm the action


Once that action is complete, the suspended user will no longer be able to login to their account and will be found under your team's Inactive Users

Note: Suspending a user will not remove any licenses assigned to the user.

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