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April 06, 2022 09:10 AM
You can now upload and send document attachments for signature through Nitro Sign directly from within Microsoft Outlook by enabling the Nitro Sign Add-in.
1 Min Read
August 26, 2021 09:27 PM
This topic covers Messaging the sender, Requesting Changes, Forwarding to another recipient, or Declining a request.
1 Min Read
August 26, 2021 07:35 AM
What to do when receiving a Nitro Sign Request
1 Min Read
July 22, 2021 01:24 PM
The Nitro Sign for Salesforce app lets you request eSignatures on your sales contracts and other documents directly from Salesforce. You can also view the status of signature requests, and send reminders or cancellations for pending signature requests.
3 Min Read
July 22, 2021 02:04 AM
With Nitro Sign, you can quickly and easily add your electronic signature to any document.
1 Min Read
July 22, 2021 02:00 AM
You can now use Zapier to simplify your Nitro Sign workflows. Zapier is a workflow automation tool, which is connected to thousands of popular apps. You can automate workflows between Nitro Sign and any of these apps to remove the manual effort of repetitive, everyday tasks.
2 Min Read
July 22, 2021 01:58 AM
Team-related features are exclusively available to members of Nitro Sign Advanced plans.
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July 22, 2021 01:54 AM
Staying up to date on the status and history of your documents is easy
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July 22, 2021 01:53 AM
The status and history of documents in an eSignature workflow can be viewed and tracked on Nitro Sign.
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