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5 More Reasons People Love Using Nitro

5 More Reasons People Love Using Nitro

See the top reasons why individuals are choosing Nitro, including affordable pricing, high security and greater flexibility.

From simple, scalable licensing to stress-free admin, businesses have had their say on why Nitro is their go-to PDF vendor.

Now let's hear from the individuals who are using our digital document tools for passion projects, school work, life admin and everything in between.

In this blog, we'll look at five of the top reasons they are loving Nitro and how it compares to options like Adobe.

1. Lower Cost

Most software comes with a substantial price tag nowadays. People are being forced to do more with less, while battling dramatically rising prices from vendors like Adobe.

One of the top reasons people choose Nitro is its affordable, transparent pricing and value that goes beyond the initial purchase cost. Over time, we help customers eliminate costs associated with printing, shipping and storing physical documents, so you can be sure you're getting value and respect for your budget.

Interested in learning how much you can save with Nitro? Talk to our PDF experts today.

“Good product, with a great price. It provides most functionalities such as editing PDFs, signatures and watermarks. It is a great substitute for the pricy Adobe Acrobat professional version."
G2 Reviewer

2. Powerful Features

A good software vendor will provide the right functionality to meet your needs now and as you evolve. Can you rely on the solution to get your work done efficiently? Will it be your go-to for a seamless, stress-free user experience?

Nitro customers love how they get all the PDF, eSign & analytics tools to reach their productivity goals, in one solution.

Here are some of the most popular ways our customers are putting Nitro to use.

Signing a leaseGet documents finalized with secure, legally binding and unlimited eSignatures.
Collaborating on a group projectEdit and share PDFs, provide or obtain feedback with comments and annotation tools.
Gathering research dataCollect data with customizable, fillable PDF forms and take advantage of pre-designed templates to maintain document consistency.
Organizing filesCombine and convert files from other formats into PDFs and easily extract pages.

3. Strong Security

With cyber threats and attacks escalating, people are prioritizing high security measures to safeguard their sensitive data.

A common complaint we hear about other PDF vendors is that they don't provide customers with the level of protection they want (and need). It's one more reason why many individuals want to evaluate other options.

Nitro offers several options and layers of protection, including:

“The best, safest and fastest digital signature tool available. I sign my contracts and agreements on this and share very freely as I can rely on the safety of the documents.”
Kaveen E., G2 Reviewer

4. Award-Winning Support

Nobody wants to waste time worrying about software-related issues. Many customers who have switched to Nitro from Adobe say our comprehensive support is one of the top reasons they made the switch. Nitro's approach to great customer support is more than just fixing problems when they arise—it’s about creating a strategic, long-term partnership.

To set you up for success, we provide support options such as:

  • 24/7 online help and agent support with 2+ licenses.
  • An extensive library of training videos, user guides, articles and other on-demand resources. 
  • A community forum where you can stay connected, learn from other people and ask questions.

5. High Flexibility

Working on the go has become the new norm. Nowadays, people are more mobile than ever and use multiple devices to get their work done, when and where they want.

Finding software to meet these needs—without compromising usability—is a top priority.

Nitro works across desktop and mobile devices so you can turn your PDFs around faster across Windows, Mac or iOS. And if you’re managing multiple licenses, the Nitro Admin Portal makes behind the scenes work a breeze.

“One of the best PDF editors that I have worked on. Better than Adobe PDF. Nitro PDF is easy to use, flexible and has the best document converter.”
Anoop K., G2 Reviewer

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