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More Than a PDF Editor: 5 Reasons Businesses Choose Nitro


Wondering what organizations really think about Nitro? See how it compares to other vendors across licensing, usability, ROI and more.

Are you just starting your search for a business PDF solution? Or considering a switch from another vendor? If you’re wondering how Nitro compares to options like Adobe, and what users really think, this is the blog for you.

Let’s take a look at how Nitro ranks across five key areas.

1. Simple, Scalable Licensing

When navigating PDF licensing, avoid getting locked into lengthy and complicated agreements that don't suit your needs. Instead, look out for straightforward business models.

Many customers who have switched to Nitro from Adobe say our PDF pricing and licensing is much easier to understand. Instead of a convoluted contract, you get flexible options to ensure you invest in the best fit for your business, and you’ll be supported by our team of experts every step of the way.

Shoalhaven City Council moved to Nitro from Adobe as they were struggling to manage licenses for their teams. Since transitioning, they increased user productivity by 364% and equipped more employees with the PDF tools they need to reach their digital document goals.

2. No Surprise Audits

As your business evolves, you need to be sure your PDF software can scale with it.

A common complaint we hear about other PDF vendors is that they drop surprise audits on their customers. Many organizations—who are already trying to cut costs—have been fined for over-deployment and forced to pay a sizeable sum to equip their users with the tools they need.

Transparency is at the core of everything we do at Nitro. We don’t conduct audits, so you know exactly what you can expect from your partnership with us, and you’ll receive additional PDF licenses in quarterly true-ups. That means you can say yes to more licenses and respect your budget—just like the many successful organizations who have scaled up using our PDF and eSign tools.

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3. User-Friendly Software

When introducing any new software or tool to your organization, the easier it is to use, the more likely it is to be embraced and adopted by your teams.

We hear all the time how frequent UI changes can create confusion and frustration in teams—and it's another reason why many organizations want to switch PDF editors. To create a familiar product experience and boost user adoption, Nitro's PDF user interface mimics the Microsoft Office ribbon UI. Our customers find it to be a more user-friendly and intuitive alternative to Adobe Acrobat.

Trying out PDF software before your business commits is a great way to ensure your everyday users can manage workflows, use integrations and navigate the platform smoothly.

“The ease of use is awesome. I refuse to use Adobe for PDFs now. Nitro makes things a lot easier to find, navigate and has better, more useful features.”
Hannah F., G2 Review

4. Proven Return on Investment

Justifying the spend of your PDF tools is a must. Insights are at the core of proving ROI and making better business decisions, but we hear all the time from businesses who struggle to get the data they need to do this. Some are even purchasing tools, only to realize these insights are restricted to a more advanced plan.

If you’re looking to replace your existing PDF vendor, Nitro's powerful analytics tool automatically calculates ROI for you. You also get real-time insights for license utilization, product and feature usage and environmental impact.

“We reduced prints from 1 million to around 300,000. It's a lot of money saved. But people want to know about CO₂ emissions and trees saved. I send users those metrics from Nitro Analytics quarterly, and I always get feedback. It's a very good tool.”
IT Service Delivery Manager, Manufacturing

Speaking of ROI, Nitro customers gained $2.2 million in total financial benefits over 3 years with a 694% ROI. Want to know how they did it? Download the The Total Economic Impact™ Of The Nitro Productivity Platform.

5. Streamlined, Stress-Free Admin

It's no secret some vendors make managing PDF editor licenses challenging. Adobe, for example, make their customers contact them to add/remove users instead of empowering their users to do it independently.

Not good news for IT teams who are under considerable pressure.

Nitro's admin portal provides IT teams with the tools they need to efficiently manage software provisioning for Nitro solutions in one centralized place. No need to submit support tickets when you need to add a new user or wait long periods to have your requests approved.

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