Use of productivity tools jumps 364% when Shoalhaven City Council switches to Nitro
“The professional support received throughout the process of switching our PDF vendor has really helped make Nitro PDF Pro a huge success with our users’.”
Nowra, New South Wales
Company Size
1,300 employees
Local Government
Customer since 2022
Nitro PDF Pro 

Scaling Without the Stress

The Challenge
Extend productivity capabilities to more employees
Shoalhaven City Council provides road, water, waste, environmental, community, health and other local government services across a large area of New South Wales, Australia stretching some 100 Km from Berry to Ulladulla. The Council employs around 1,300 staff, many of whom need PDF-editing or eSigning tools for their day-to-day work. However, the productivity suite they were using required a large volume of user licenses, which were difficult and time-consuming to manage – especially when people left the organization or new people joined. They sought a cost-effective solution that would provide all the functions of Adobe® Acrobat® without the administrative burden.
The Solution
An easy-to-use, easy-to-manage productivity suite
Shoalhaven City Council chose to partner with Nitro because of its seamless licensing model, which means they no longer have to spend time allocating and maintaining licenses for all the employees who need them. This eases the burden on IT administrators, especially when onboarding new employees. It also means they can quickly and easily scale up their use of productivity tools at any point.

The Results

364% increase in licensed users
Since switching to Nitro from Adobe, Shoalhaven City Council have achieved a 364% increase in productivity, giving more council employees access to key productivity tools like create, combine, sand convert functionality. The rapid expansion was made possible thanks to Nitro’s change management support, which included providing a clear implementation schedule along with group training sessions and email templates to help the Council communicate the change to their teams. Nitro’s easy-to-use interface and intuitive functionality has also helped to accelerate take-up.
Professional post-implementation support
The vast majority of Shoalhaven’s users’ have made the switch to Nitro seamlessly. In the few instances where users have encountered difficulties, the Nitro team have helped find rapid and effective solutions whether it’s through email support or by organizing additional training sessions.
100% utilization rate
Shoalhaven City Council achieved an impressive 100% user license utilization rate during the first quarter of the launch. Nitro is now set as the Council’s default PDF solution and is being used across the organization in diverse ways, with some teams using it to edit and update existing PDFs and others simply to convert documents back into Word and Excel.
Before switching to Nitro, we were struggling to maintain and manage licenses for all our staff. Now we don’t have to worry about allocating licenses at all. Nitro is a seamless product to operate.
Dan Jones, IT Infrastructure and Delivery Manager
What can your organization do with Nitro?
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