T-Mobile Austria Improves Productivity with Nitro
“We use Nitro to raise our productivity, which is why we've deployed the product throughout our organization.”
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Nitro PDF Pro

A solution built with T-mobile in mind

The Challenge
Replace Adobe with a more dynamic solution
As the country’s second-largest mobile-phone service provider, T-Mobile's IT team needed a strategic partner to help fulfill its unique technical needs, making compliance a top priority before and during implementation. The company was in need of an alternative solution to Adobe Acrobat® for its 1,300 Austrian employees.
The Solution
A scalable and affordable PDF productivity tool
To ease change management challenges, Glashüttner sought a familiar, modern interface that would be easy for users to learn. After reviewing other products in the market, Contract and Licence Manager Franz Glashüttner chose Nitro for its modern technology, familiar interface, and proactive customer success support.

The Results

Nitro partnered closely with the T-Mobile Austria team to simplify change management, streamline deployment, and tailor implementation to the organization's unique technical environment.
Short learning curve
Nitro's simple, modern interface reduced the learning curve for T-Mobile employees, resulting in increased productivity from day one.
One-on-one support
Rather than inundating T-Mobile Austria with a complex chain of command, Nitro provided a single point of contact for simple deployment and quick issue resolution.
Seamless rollout
“Nitro helped us very much in the configuration of the product, making it easy for us to deploy to our users,” says Glashüttner.
Nitro is a very dynamic team with a high customer orientation, making it easy for us to work with them before, during, and after the implementation process.
Franz Glashüttner | Contract and Licence Manager
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