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Say Yes to More: User-Friendly PDF Editing Software with Nitro

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User adoption is key to any business software ROI. So, how do you make sure people love your PDF software?

As businesses undergo digital transformation, we have so many more applications and tools to use. Having so many capabilities at our fingertips is amazing! However, with countless products, platforms, programs and logins to keep track of, users and IT administrators alike can easily become overwhelmed.

Think about it: From emails to employee onboarding, contracts to corporate reports, payroll to procurement, PDF editing is a must-have for just about every digital document your company produces.

This type of software is pretty darn important to your users, and you want to get it right. One way to make everyone’s lives at work much easier is user-friendly, stress-free technology.

How Do You Track PDF Software User Adoption and ROI?

When introducing your employees to new PDF tools or changing from an established vendor to a new one, prioritizing user adoption is critical and will likely be the biggest indicator of ROI.

But what if you don’t have time to survey every employee about every feature and function? With Nitro, you don’t have to. Nitro Analytics tracks usage so demonstrating ROI is effortless.

Nitro Analytics works behind the scenes to understand which features employees are using most in Nitro PDF Pro and/or Nitro Sign, and a visual dashboard brings these insights to life.

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The ROI calculator in Nitro Analytics allows IT teams to demonstrate ROI to key stakeholders and justify the initial product purchase, as well as build a case for adding licenses.


What else makes PDF software user-friendly? Here are 3 very important things to look for from your next PDF vendor:

1. User-friendly Interface

It’s a fact. If your software isn’t easy to use, people simply aren’t going to use it. When considering what PDF editor might be the right fit for your organization, it’s important to try the product first to ensure your everyday users can easily navigate the interface and make use of the features. Test daily workflows. Test integrations. Test it all because if the product is not easy enough to grasp, user adoption is going to be a challenge.

Here are some questions to ask when thinking about your PDF software’s usability: 

  • How does the user interface (UI) look? Is it easy to navigate?
  • Is the interface intuitive enough for beginners? Will users understand it early on?
  • Will people enjoy using this product?
  • Would you enjoy using this product?
  • Does it deliver a coherent user experience or a confusing one?
  • How much user training will be needed?

An intuitive, easy-to-navigate user experience (UX) will shorten the learning curve. Make sure you are checking all the boxes before deciding which PDF editor is right for your organization.
To help users feel at ease right away, Nitro PDF Pro’s user interface mimics the Microsoft Office ribbon UI. This provides new users with a familiar product experience and drives fast user adoption.

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Nitro Pro: Overview

Would you like to try Nitro? We offer an in-depth pilot program for businesses. Reach out here to start a conversation.

2. Easy License Administration

For PDF software to be truly user-friendly, don’t forget about your hard-working IT administrators! Programs that are difficult for admins to manage can add stress to already-strapped teams and really hamper productivity.

Think about all the headaches that come with software administration. Maybe attrition has taken place at work, and PDF licenses from newly-departed employees need to be redistributed to active users. The normal process for accomplishing this task can take a lot of time as some vendors require that you contact them or you have to submit a support ticket and wait on responses and resolutions that may be slow. Worse, your vendor may question your motives and ask for substantial proof that you are not gaming the system.

With an IT-friendly administration platform like Nitro, IT teams have all the tools to easily and efficiently manage their software provisioning. Processes like changing access are simple and self-service so admins no longer need to sit around waiting to be helped with time-sensitive issues. Instead, they can set their access configurations easily and move on to the next task at hand.

Easy PDF software license administration takes a lot off the IT department’s very full plate.

3. People-Centric Customer Support

So, you’ve found an intuitive PDF editor that is easy for users to understand and admins to manage. It has all the features you need. But what about after deployment? The last element to consider is customer support and change management. 

Ideally, users will understand the product right away and come up to speed in no time with minimal training needed. However, issues will inevitably occur along the way.

  • How will your new vendor approach customer support?
  • Will they react quickly and proactively, taking a real interest in your problems?
  • Will this vendor align their technology to the needs of your users?

As mentioned, PDF tools are more important than ever in the modern workplace. Digitization and digital transformation are priorities for businesses of all sizes. To support your users on this journey, make sure to find a PDF software partner who is committed to your success and will empower you to easily scale your business. A vendor that is looking to build a strategic, rather than transactional, relationship with you.

Discover Nitro’s User-Friendly PDF Software

Nitro was founded years ago on the idea that people and businesses deserved a more user-friendly, cost-effective PDF option.

Enthusiastic user adoption is absolutely key to success with any technology change project, and excellent technology in itself is never enough to make sure that people will embrace it. Set up a demo with us today, and we’d be happy to show you how easy Nitro is to use and manage.