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Top 4 Tips for Creating the Best PDF Forms


PDF software has some great features and functionality to help make your life easier and your day more productive. However many of these features go unnoticed, but why?

One such feature is fillable forms, which is a great and versatile way to collect information from others. Whether you need an application form for an event or an order form for your business, Nitro Pro offers powerful and easy-to-use tools to help you create PDF forms in no time. We’ve compiled a list of tips and tricks to help you get the most out of this superb feature.

1. Make copies of forms to save time

When it comes to making large forms with plenty of fields it can take time to create each of them and without pinpoint accuracy it can be tricky to get them all to the same size. However, with the use of the “Make Copies” feature, found under the properties tab, you can select a form field and duplicate it up to a 100 times. How’s that for productivity?


2. Change form field properties ‘en masse’

The standard options for form fields are great but when you want to get a little more creative, Nitro Pro allows you to change the font type, size and colour amongst other properties. Changing the properties for all your form fields individually can take some time. This is why we’ve created the “Inherit Properties” feature.


First, select the form fields you wish to change, then under the properties tab select “Inherit Properties”. Simply click the field on the style you want to inherit and – voilà – you’ve got one stylish looking form!

3. Increase the chances of form submission

When you have created your stylish new form, you want to make sure that everyone who fills it out, sends it back to you, right? Well, why not create a submit button to make it easier for them to return your form? We’ve included the steps below to do this:

  1. Go to Forms > Button and place a button on your form
  2. Right click on this form and select properties
  3. On the Options you can choose what you want your button to say or even use an image instead.
  4. On the actions tab, select “Submit a Form” from the “Select Actions” tab and click “Add action to list”
  5. On the next window, select the email address option and enter the email address(es) where you wish to receive this form.
  6. Finally, choose the format at PDF to receive the whole document back

Now when a user clicks on submit, it will auto-create a message that they can edit and send with their completed form already attached.


4. Keep your form designs in line

When designing a form from scratch the overall placement and alignment of your fields is very important. That’s why Nitro Pro 10 offers you the ability to enable a grid to keep everything in order.

Grids can be enabled under the Forms tab. By checking the option to “Show Grid”, found on the right hand side of the ribbon the grid will be displayed so you can see what you’re working with. “Snap to Grid”, on the other hand, ensures that everything you create – from form fields to text boxes, can only be placed and sized based on the lines of this grid.

You may notice that the grid itself can be a little restrictive in its default setting but this can be easily changed by going to File > Preferences > Units & Grid. By setting the height and width to a value less than one e.g. 0.5, will allow you more precise placement of your form objects


With these four tips and tricks for creating forms under your belt you’ll be a form creation wizard in no time! Don’t have Nitro Pro 10 yet? Download a free trial here

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