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Howden Q&A Part 2: Sustainability Success With Nitro Analytics

We sat down with Howden's IT leader, who shares how they measure and report their sustainability gains.

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Howden Q&A Part 2: Sustainability Success With Nitro Analytics

Welcome to part two of our exclusive four-part Q&A series with IT expert, Aiden Curran, from engineering leader Howden.

Like many organizations, sustainability is a top priority for Howden. Learn how they use Nitro's real-time insights to track and report sustainability gains to the business.

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Q. You’ve mentioned that Howden has a strong commitment to sustainability, can you share more about your goals?

A: Yes, sustainability and environmental impact are a core focus for Howden. We were printing a huge number of documents globally. By partnering with Nitro and our end users, we could see that there was an opportunity to digitize our processes. We successfully reduced the number of wet signatures by moving to digital signatures, and making our workflows digital too.

Q. How did you track this?

A: Through Nitro’s analytics product. It has been crucial for us for a number of reasons. Firstly, it's a sense check for us. I can go on to the platform and see the features we've been using the most and least for the quarter. For example, if combining or editing features have dropped in usage, we can create training material for our users to make sure we are increasing that figure.

Here is a sample dashboard with Nitro's real-time insights where customers like Howden can easily track and report productivity, ROI, sustainability and more.

Analytics Animation - Graphs & Charts

Q. What kind of gains have you experienced as a result?

A: As an organization, we want to ensure we are making strong progress with our sustainability goals. Quarter by quarter, we're seeing an increase in print reduction. We look at how many pages have not printed because we've been able to digitally sign. We‘ve been looking at CO2 levels and have experienced significant savings there too. It’s great because we can easily share that information with the business.

Fun fact: Nitro’s 2 million business customers saved enough paper in 2023 to go around our planet nearly 9 times! Get inspired with more environmental achievements by businesses like yours.

Q. As Howden evolves, how do you think you will leverage analytics in the future?

A: I think moving forward we will hopefully leverage artificial intelligence. We want to gain even more insights through analytics. Perhaps show what type of documents are searchable and readable. That will give us insight to what documents have been searched through OCR. That may help us target those documents with things like AI.

Reach Your Sustainability Goals with Real-Time Insights

IT leaders play a strategic role in driving sustainability across the business. For more tips on streamlining your digital solutions, leveraging data for decisions and reducing environmental impact, check out our latest guide.

Our team of experts are on hand to answer your questions and show you how to easily demonstrate your sustainability and ROI impact with Nitro’s solutions and real-time analytics.

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