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IT Asset Managers: Your Guide to Green Transformation

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Learn how to drive sustainability, improve user adoption and cut costs with powerful digital document solutions.

IT Asset Managers (ITAMs) play a strategic role in driving business success. With technology innovating at a rapid pace, organizations are increasingly relying on their expertise to tackle new and evolving challenges, from driving sustainability and user adoption, to cutting costs.

That’s right—the modern IT Asset Manager wears many hats.

In this blog, we look at four ways ITAMs can help drive sustainable business growth with digital document solutions.

1. Consolidate and Standardize Software

Managing diverse software applications across an organization can be a logistical nightmare. Each application may have different requirements, leading to unnecessary complexity and administrative tasks. By standardizing on software, like a unified PDF, eSign and analytics solution, your teams will reduce wasted hours managing documents, and gain more time to focus on driving innovation while cutting costs.

As your organization digitally evolves, look for software that has a familiar interface and short learning curve. That way your employees will have a faster, smoother onboarding, which will lead to increased productivity across remote and hybrid teams.

The good news is that standardizing on a single platform doesn’t have to be time consuming or disruptive. Thanks to Nitro’s extensive change management expertise, manufacturing leader Howden standardized its PDF solution, significantly reducing risk and accelerating efficiencies across the organization.

“Standardization is key for any business, and particularly for Howden. We had around 37 different PDF software solutions globally. It was very difficult to forecast how much we needed to spend to renew these licenses.”
Aiden Curran | IT Service Delivery Manager at Howden

2. Choose Flexible Licensing and Centralized Management

Limited budgets and resources make it difficult, especially for IT Asset Managers, to effectively manage software licenses and optimize spending. Balancing cost constraints with meeting organizational needs is a constant challenge.

When evaluating PDF and eSign solutions for your business needs, look for a vendor that offers smart, scalable licensing and transparent pricing. This will help you quickly adjust to changing business requirements and scale licenses up or down as needed without disruption. Take it from construction business Mace Group. By switching to Nitro, they saved 63% on costs per user, which made it possible to launch PDF Pro to more employees and grow license number adoption by 9%.

Centralized software management makes work a lot easier for ITAMs. You can monitor usage, track licenses, allocate resources effectively across departments, and improve cross functional collaboration without needing to move between tools.

Nitro’s comprehensive Admin Portal consolidates everything you need, including:

  • Just-in-time provisioning with single sign-on 
  • Instant enablement of new features 
  • Single point of administration for all Nitro products 
  • Self-service options to manage user access 
  • Real-time, exclusive analytics 
Cut Costs With Nitro
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3. Leverage Data for Decision Making

Data is the lifeblood of effective decision-making for teams, but the reality is that most of the time you can’t access insights when you need them. This means missing opportunities to identify trends, optimize your workflows, increase productivity and prove the ROI of your software investments.

Nitro removes this burden with Nitro Analytics, an exclusive solution we developed to help businesses:

  • Make data-driven decisions  
  • Optimize digitalization efforts and tools  
  • Maximize product adoption  
  • Demonstrate ROI to key stakeholders 
  • Track sustainability progress 

One unique feature is Nitro's ROI Dashboard, which takes information from the Nitro PDF Pro and Sign dashboards and automatically calculates the potential cost savings for your organization.

The health of your organization can also be viewed as a Productivity Score, which is calculated across components such as license utilization and print reduction.

The Feature Adoption section shows exactly how many users access the tool and what features are used most frequently, while the Version Distribution Graph ensures users are up to date with PDF Pro, so you can be confident your team is getting the best experience possible.

Check out how Nitro Analytics works in this quick video.

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Nitro Analytics

4. Prioritize Sustainable IT Practices

As an IT Asset Manager, you have a unique opportunity to take the lead in driving sustainability in your organization. By transitioning from traditional paper-based workflows and leveraging the right digital tools, your businesses can decrease paper consumption, minimize waste and save costs.

We know that starting on a sustainability journey can feel daunting. But with the right software partner, it doesn't have to be. Every day, Nitro guides organizations through sustainable change and helps them measure their impact.

When you go digital with us, you’ll gain powerful insights into:

  • Paper saved by eSigning  
  • Time saved by eSigning  
  • Productivity score  
  • Environmental impact like saved trees, BTUs of energy and CO2 emissions 

In our latest guide, we show you how to build a realistic sustainability plan and culture for your organization, and how to measure your outcomes. Get your free copy here.

Streamline IT Asset Management with Nitro

Nitro understands IT Asset Managers are under increasing pressure to do more with less.

We’re here to help you improve digital experiences and build a competitive advantage for your organization.

If you have any questions about digitalization or how Nitro’s suite of PDF, eSign and analytics solutions helps ITAMs tackle challenges, connect with our experts today.