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Howden Q&A Part 4: Tips for PDF Standardization from an IT Expert

Our four-part series with engineering leader, Howden, concludes with helpful advice for other IT leaders looking to standardize their software.

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Howden Q&A Part 4

Software standardization delivers substantial productivity, security and financial benefits. It might seem like a daunting task for IT leaders, but it doesn't have to be.

In the final installment of our Q&A series, Aiden Curran, Howden’s IT expert, shares important advice for managing change and getting that crucial stakeholder buy-in.

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Q. Why is software standardization so important for modern businesses?

A: Standardization is key for any business, and particularly for Howden. Eight years ago, I reviewed the PDF tools we were using. We had roughly around 37 different PDF software globally—that’s 37 different applications to support and manage licenses. This also brought many incompatibility challenges, budgeting limitations and support overheads. We knew that standardizing our PDF software could bring many benefits to the business.

Q. What advice do you have for organizations who want to standardize their software?

A: When you’re evaluating vendors, do a proof concept of the software with key users. By creating a testing script, you can get your users to perform their day-to-day activities and get their feedback. Look at the user interface and the support offered. Having a vendor that offers strong partnership and engagement is one of my top priorities.

Q. Do you have any tips for getting software buy-in from stakeholders?

A: I think it goes back to doing due diligence. Make sure you understand your user needs and user wants—now and into the future. I think it's crucial to understand potential user frustrations. To do this, I spent time engaging with the more advanced PDF users in the company and conducted workshops to understand the how and why.

Look at your growth strategy too. You need to tell a story of why you've picked the vendor, and show the benefits not just to the user, but your support, commercial and finance teams. Make them aware of the benefits and show how it will enhance the business.

Q. Did you ever get pushback?

A: We did. Some people are used to certain software titles that they’ve used for years. For me, it was important to understand the tasks they complete daily, then looking at how we could replicate that within Nitro. But again, by ensuring that I was getting upwards and downwards feedback, rather than me just talking down to them really helped get that buy in. That way we were able to show them the value of the product. And because we engaged them, they felt they had a voice.

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