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Identity Verified, or Access Denied: Nitro Pro with Microsoft RMS


This is part 1 of a 2-part series about Nitro Pro with Microsoft RMS integration. We believe documents are the foundation of business operations.

This is part 1 of a 2-part series about Nitro Pro with Microsoft RMS integration.

We believe documents are the foundation of business operations. How they’re created, shared, stored and protected immensely impacts your organization – from employee productivity to customer satisfaction, revenue, and information security.

Heartbleed and the Target breach have made digital security a kitchen table conversation, and business leaders are focusing on how to ensure their data and sensitive information is kept secure inside their organizations and out.

To us, the clear solution is to start with your documents, and think about the benefits applying RMS can bring. Since you know what documents are, let’s talk RMS.

RMS is Microsoft Rights Management Services, an information security tool that secures documents at the file level. Once security permissions are placed on a file with RMS, user authentication is required before granting access to the file. And the protection is perpetual, so it stays effective for the entire life of a document regardless of where the document travels or is stored.

Here’s what RMS looks like in action at your business:

Let’s say Bill over in legal needs Betty in marketing to review a confidential partner agreement. If any details about this partnership are released before they are supposed to be, the valuable relationship could be ruined – therefore, it’s imperative that Betty is the only person to see this file at this time. Bill doesn’t want to take any chances with the confidential nature of the agreement, so he uses RMS to protect the file from being opened by anyone other than Betty.

When Betty receives the file, the RMS protection prompts her to enter her corporate login information for authentication. Upon review of the document, Betty is so excited about the partnership she rushes to forward it to her colleague. However, since Betty’s colleague is not authorized to access the document, she is prevented from opening up the file.

Document protected – simple as that!

Keeping up with document security is no doubt a formidable challenge, due in large part to the proliferation of digital collaboration and information sharing. Though this won’t slow down any time soon, using RMS technology to protect your files is an effective way to keep them away from the wrong eyes, even if they wind up in the wrong hands.

Check back with us next week to read part two of this series and find out how Nitro is taking document security to the next level.

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