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Forrester TEI Study: Nitro Delivers $2.2 Million in Financial Benefits for Customers

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Get Forrester’s Total Economic Impact Study on Nitro Pro Business and see the potential impact of our solutions on your business.

Before investing in a new software system, you need to be sure your chosen solution and provider will bring measurable value. To help you quantify the potential ROI of Nitro Pro Business and validate the real benefits for real customers, we commissioned Forrester for a study with four of our enterprise customers.

We are incredibly proud to share some of the top gains these customers experienced with Nitro, including:

  • $2.2 million total financial benefits over 3 years 
  • 694% ROI and payback in under 6 months  
  • 35 minutes saved per document 
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More Benefits of Nitro Pro Business, According to Our Customers

In this article, you will find key takeaways from Forrester’s study, The Total Economic Impact™ Of Nitro Pro Business, and how Nitro Pro Business delivered these benefits.

The interviews were conducted by Forrester with Nitro enterprise customers across industries including financial services, manufacturing, beverage and engineering services/consulting who had experience using Nitro Pro Business.

In addition to the staggering gains we listed above, what are other impactful results customers have achieved with Nitro?

1. Time Savings With More Efficient Document Workflows

Nitro Pro Business, a leading business suite of PDF, eSign and analytics tools, helped Nitro customers significantly streamline processes. By optimizing document workflows with Nitro, organizations saved:

  • 84,375 hours on processing PDF documents over 3 years 
  • 35 minutes time saved for every PDF document processed  
  • $1,922,227 financial savings from more efficient document workflows 
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One financial services customer noted how easy and quick it was to send insurance certificates as PDFs, get feedback, create bookmarks and easily amend errors without needing to print or retrace the original source file. Customers eliminated manual time-consuming processes such as printing, scanning and mailing thanks to Nitro Sign's fast, secure eSigning from any device.


“Some of our contracts may need to be signed by 50 people, and it used to take around five weeks. Now it takes 1.5 days on average.”

IT Service Delivery Manager, Manufacturing


2. Less Printing = Reduced Paper, Costs & Environmental Impact

By going digital, Nitro customers significantly cut paper-based expenses such as printing and postage. Each time an eSignature request was processed, $8 was saved on paper, envelopes and postage.

Across 3 years, customers saved an average of $22,347 in paper and postage with Nitro Sign.

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Not only did customers save money by leveraging Nitro Pro Business, they reduced environmental impact, tracked and measured by Nitro Analytics. They saved an average of 290,000 pages printed over 3 years—the equivalent to approximately 33 trees saved and 25,200 pounds of CO2 emissions prevented.

One manufacturing organization reduced prints from 1,000,000 to 300,000 (that’s 70%!), leveraging Nitro insights to create digital transformation business cases and to spread sustainability awareness. Employees look forward to the monthly report showing the trees and gas emissions saved by the organization.


“We reduced prints from 1 million to around 300,000. It's a lot of money saved. But people want to know about CO₂ emissions and trees saved. I send users those metrics from Nitro Analytics quarterly, and I always get feedback. It's a very good tool.”

IT Service Delivery Manager, Manufacturing


For expert advice on building a sustainable culture and business, download your guide to Driving Sustainability Through Digitalization.

3. Freedom for IT Teams

By having one platform for all digital document workflows, IT teams spent 70% less time troubleshooting and managing requests, compared to prior PDF and eSign solutions, which translated into $85,107 savings over three years.

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Nitro Pro Business' user-friendly interface gave employees a frictionless experience, which reduced the number of support requests compared to legacy tools. Tasks like contract renewal, security updates and managing licenses also became more simplified and streamlined. This eliminated long waiting periods for them to be approved and updates to come through, giving IT teams more time back for strategic high-value projects. Easier contract renewals and superior security over legacy solutions were two other major benefits reported by customers.

If you'd like expert advice directly from Forrester analysts and Nitro on how to quantify your PDF and eSign investment, watch our on-demand webinar.

4. Increased Scalability With Reduced Costs

Nitro’s cost-effective, transparent licensing fees made it easy for customers to expand deployment of PDF editing and eSign capabilities and scale up by 50%. They maintained overall licensing costs without worrying about hidden costs or fees. The value of improved scalability of digital document workflows created savings of $192,637 for customers.

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The CISO for a financial services organization noted that with Nitro, they could scale the adoption of digital document workflows at one-third of the cost compared to their prior tool. According to the IT service delivery manager for a manufacturing organization, going with Nitro was $1.1 million less expensive than the same plan offered by their prior provider.


“Nitro allowed us to scale the adoption of PDF editing and eSign tools at one-third of the cost compared to our previous provider.”

Chief Information Security Officer, Financial Services


5. Better, Faster Customer Support

In addition to the many quantifiable benefits reported by Nitro customers, there were several unquantified benefits that were equally as valuable. This includes Nitro’s white-glove service and support.

Greater customer services: Nitro customers reported that the support they received with Nitro was a vast improvement compared to prior tools. Prompt help for digitization of document workflows, on-site implementation support and a superior employee experience were some of the top highlights notes by customers.


“I know that I can pick up the phone and talk to someone at Nitro anytime. Most software vendors are faceless. You hear from them only when they're invoicing. Nitro is a real different business, a breath of fresh air.”

IT Service Delivery Manager, Manufacturing


Other unquantified benefits reported by customers included:

Actionable usage insights: Nitro Analytics was reported to be “a real differentiator” for organizations. One customer noted that their company has quite aggressive sustainability goals and frequently acquires companies. Nitro Analytics helps them understand those companies’ printing habits and act accordingly. Customers also leverage these powerful insights to justify further investment in digital tools.

Flexibility: Customers continue to develop new use cases and opportunities with Nitro’s PDF, eSign & analytics solution and integrations. For example, Nitro integrates with Salesforce, enabling teams to request signatures, add signers, track requests and save documents all within Salesforce.

Explore the Benefits of Nitro for Your Business

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