Superpowered Document Templates for Faster eSignature Workflows

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We originally rolled out Templates so Nitro Cloud power users could re-use documents without the need to re-apply signature fields, therefore helping them complete repetitive eSignature workflows faster.

Since unveiling this feature, we’ve received some great user feedback on how we can make Templates a lot more powerful and flexible. The original functionality of Templates was great with static documents like mutual NDAs, but many users frequently collect signatures on documents like sales contracts that have slight differences in each instance.

For example, Nitro Cloud helps our sales organization get quotes signed and approved more efficiently so they can close deals faster. Until now, however, our sales team hasn’t been able to use Templates because each quote contains customer-specific information throughout, even though the signature locations are the same on each document.

Our recent update to the Templates workflow now allows you to swap the underlying Template document for a different file, so you can keep the same signature field pattern and apply it to different versions of a document.

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This allows a Nitro salesperson to spend less time preparing sales quotes for signature and more time closing deals. Nitro’s finance team also saves time by using Templates for purchase orders, while our talent team can hire more Nitronauts more efficiently by using Templates for offer letters.

Check out the new Templates functionality, and let us know what you think!

If you haven’t used Templates yet, it’s as easy as checking a box, literally. Next time you send a signature request that could be reused, make sure to look out for the check box during the last step of the process.

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Now that’s what we call working smarter.

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