#NeedNitro: Don’t Miss Out on Job Opportunities

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A rainy Sunday afternoon and steadfast application presentation requirements had my friend Cadence  in a bind. Cadence is an academic on the hunt for a tenure track teaching position, and the application process can be specific and tedious.

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PDF roadblocks on the job hunt.

Cadence combed over higher education job postings, knowing she would have to adhere to unique requirements for each institution – but more importantly, knowing she had started her search late in the game. The due date for most applications was a mere week away. For one particular role, she had strict guidelines for submitting her materials:

1)      No Microsoft Word documents allowed. Must be in PDF form.

2)      Hyperlinks within the PDF need to work.

3)      Have the digital document signed, even if not by hand.

Frustrated, and knowing she was close to the wire, Cadence emailed me these requirements with a desperate plea: My head is exploding. Can Nitro help?

Nitro to the rescue.

The short answer is a resounding, “Yes Cadence, Nitro can!” (with accompanying fist pump).  The longer answer is of course, how. Let’s look at the solutions in order:

Q: How can Cadence change her application from Word to PDF?

A: Using Nitro Pro or Nitro Cloud, Cadence can convert any Word document into an editable PDF. She can also activate security settings to lock the PDF, rendering it unchangeable.

Q: How can Cadence get working hyperlinks in her PDF?

A: Nitro Pro makes creating hyperlinks simple. Using the “Link” function, she can make any part of her PDF a link, including text.

Q: How can Cadence e-sign her document?

A: Both Nitro Cloud and Nitro Pro make signing a digital document easy. Nitro Cloud allows you to sign with your mouse and then share immediately via email. With Nitro Pro allows you can import an existing signature, and then share from your desktop or via the cloud.

The importance of a PDF solution.

PDF is the most versatile yet static form of digital document available – one significant reason why an ever growing number of employers insist upon CV’s and cover letters being submitted in the format. Positions in education won’t be the only ones with stringent requirements. Have you figured out how you’ll deal with PDF files when applying to jobs in the future?

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