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Send an eSignature Request

How to send an eSignature request from Nitro Sign

Nitro users can initiate a signature request workflow from Nitro Sign, Nitro Pro, or Microsoft Word.

In this article, we'll explain how to send signature requests from within Nitro Sign. Learn about sending a signature request from Nitro Pro in this article.

Initiate a Signature Request

There are three ways to initiate a signature request from within Nitro Sign:

1. From the Home dashboard

  • Click the orange "Send for Signature" button located in the top right corner
  • Select a document from your local machine, from one of the supported cloud storage providers, or choose a document you've previously uploaded to Nitro Sign

2. With your document open

  • Open the document you need signed from My Documents. Select "Home" or "Share" from the top ribbon and click "Request Signature"

3. From My Documents

  • From your My Documents library, hover your mouse over the document you would like to send for signature
  • Click the Quick Actions menu button and select Request Signature from the dropdown

Prepare and Send an eSignature Request

Once a signature request has been initiated in one of the ways described above, you can continue on to prepare and send your request.

1. Once the signature request has been initiated, the corresponding document will open with a popup prompting you to Add a Recipient.

2. Enter the recipient's Name (optional) and Email (required), then click Add.

  • At this stage, you also have the option to add Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) to this signature request. Learn more about MFA here.

3. If you would like to add more than one signer to the signature request, click Add Recipient in the Signers panel and enter the other signers' details.


4. You can also edit or remove a recipient by clicking the Quick Actions menu button next to the recipient in the Signers panel and selecting the appropriate action from the dropdown.


Note: The Signers panel is collapsible to allow more space for the document. To collapse the section, click the Quick Actions menu icon on the top right of the Signers panel.

5. To add signature fields to the document, click on a recipient in the Signers panel, then drag and drop the required field(s) to the appropriate position(s) on the document. Each field can be moved, resized, or changed to a different field type.


6. After the fields for each recipient have been placed on the document, click Continue in the bottom right corner.


Note: You can also save the document as a draft to be sent later. To learn about saving drafts, click here.

7. You'll be taken to the Review screen, where you can review the designated recipients and the prepared document. You can also customize the message and subject line of the signature request email that will be sent to your recipients, and cc additional recipients who will get view-only access to the document and a notification when signing is complete.

8. Additionally, you'll be presented with the option to create a new message layout. This is the message and subject that will appear in the email request for the signature request. This can be set as the new default or added to your list of message layouts to select from in the future. To create a new message template, proceed as follows:

a) Click on "Layouts"

b) Click "New Message Layout"

c) Adjust the message template and click save.

message templates Aug 2022.png

Note: Variable fields can be used, in the instance where your name is saved in your profile this will be used, otherwise your email address will be used.

9. Click Request Signature to finish the preparation and send the document out for signature.

message templates Aug 2022 (2).png

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