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As education goes digital, learn how Nitro supports a seamless remote learning experience for both educators and students.

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Universities need more digital tools for distance education

Remote learning is here to stay, especially in higher education. In fact, 43% of administrators expect an expansion of remote and online learning offerings, according to Best Colleges’ 2022 Online Education Trends Report.

But it’s not just students who are moving online. Many universities are also offering more robust digital and hybrid work flexibility for their faculty and staff. That’s why it’s crucial for higher education institutions to fully digitize their document workflows for remote learning and distance education.

Benefits of digital document workflows for remote education

Investing in a digital PDF tool is beneficial in reaching remote learning goals across the entire institution.

Go paperless for a faster, more efficient workflow

Save paper and reduce printing costs by taking your documents digital. Not only is this a faster and easier way to gather information, but it’s also more secure than managing physical copies of confidential documents.

Be prepared for barriers to in-person learning

Having a cloud-based document tool allows you to seamlessly switch between in-person and remote situations should the need arise due to an emergency, either short-term (like inclement weather) or long-term (like a pandemic).

Improve productivity for both students and staff

Whether it’s for admissions, financial aid, enrollment, student services, research, course materials or beyond—faculty, staff and students will all experience faster and easier processes.

Distance learning has never been easier.

  • Create, edit, merge and distribute PDFs
  • Request and gather legally binding eSignatures
  • Track document progression with audit trails
  • Monitor usage and productivity within the platform
  • Collaborate simultaneously with multiple users within a document
  • Allow students to edit and take notes within course documents

How Nitro supports a seamless distance learning experience

As the #1 Adobe Acrobat alternative, Nitro offers one platform for all your document needs. Our tools, coupled with our excellent service and affordable pricing, make it easy for you to implement digital document workflows across your institution.

An all-in-one software suite for your remote classroom

If you offer remote classes or are a distance learning university, the Nitro Productivity Platform offers PDF, eSign, Analytics and document automation workflows to make it easier (and more affordable) to go fully digital. We built our platform, and our pricing, to scale with you. That means:

  • No usage tiers
  • No overage fees
  • Unlimited signatures with Nitro Sign
  • Consolidated licensing for students
  • Centralized management for faculty
  • Insight into activity trends and savings with Nitro Analytics
  • Proof of ROI and environmental impact

Nitro also integrates with popular applications and tools like Microsoft SharePoint and Power Automate, and we even have a powerful commercial API that helps you connect and automate complex processes.

Plus, we modeled our platform after Microsoft Office so anyone—even technologically-challenged individuals—can quickly learn how to use it. The intuitive user interface means there is a short learning curve and faster adoption across your institution.

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Watch a brief introduction to see how easy Nitro PDF Pro is to navigate, and download a free trial if you want to explore the features firsthand.

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Introduction to Nitro Pro

24/7 service & support for a digital transformation to remote education

We know change management is difficult. You’re balancing students and staff with highly varied experience in technology, and that’s why our support team is with you every step of the way. We help you with rollout strategies, user training and 24/7 support from concept to launch, and beyond.

We also offer a comprehensive, online resource library to help you find answers to questions, submit a ticket, access user guides and more.

Our investment in distance education

While many vendors raise their prices and force unnecessary licensing, Nitro is investing in Colleges, K-12, Universities, Professional Schools, Business Schools and Educational Support Services. We launched a global channel program across the education sector in three continents and partnered with multiple education-specific organizations to focus on industry needs.

Our purpose-built licensing model for students, faculty and staff is one that institutions can actually afford.

Request a demo of our remote learning tools

The easiest way to understand the benefits of the Nitro platform for education is to see it for yourself. Schedule a demo with one of our product experts today.