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Some businesses think that when it comes to PDF and document productivity software, it's Adobe or nothing.

They put up with expensive, feature-bloated software and less than stellar customer care.

On top of it all, there’s the ongoing anxiety of Adobe’s complicated software licensing and surprise audits. (Yes, it will happen.)

Unfortunately, these businesses don’t realize that there are Adobe Acrobat alternatives. Why deal with all that unnecessary stress when it can be avoided altogether with a simple change?

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"Adobe sets the bar low, Nitro jumps to the moon."

Oliver Schaudt,
Senior Tech & Consultant
MarKel Computers

Why Switch to Nitro?

One-third the cost of Adobe Acrobat.

Easy learning curve with Microsoft Office-style interface.

97% customer satisfaction rate.

No sweat compliance with the simplest licensing model in the business.

Flexible deployment and User Agreement.

Small install size of less than 400MB with readily accessible features and tools.

The Nitro Difference

At Nitro, we’re on a mission to help businesses work smarter and more efficiently every day.

Since 2005, we’ve become the leading Adobe Acrobat alternative and over 550,000 customers now use Nitro to easily convert, share, sign and analyze business documents-- anywhere, anytime.

Many of our current customers are former customers of Adobe, and they’ve shed light on the pain points which led them to seek out a better Adobe Acrobat alternative. These customers have also shared the benefits they’ve experienced since moving to a Nitro solution that is more affordable, easier to use and deploy, and has the simplest licensing model in the business.

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Did you know more than 50% of the Fortune 500 runs Nitro?

Top 7 Reasons for Replacing Adobe Acrobat™

Replacing your current deployment of Adobe Acrobat with Nitro Pro can have a significant and positive impact on many areas of your business. Discover how in this whitepaper.

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"Nitro works as well as Acrobat with fewer problems. It costs less, is easy to deploy and easy for our users to learn."

Andrew Stacey,
IT Support
SOS Retail Services

Start working smarter with Nitro.

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