Convierta documentos

Nitro Sign enables the conversion of documents into a variety of editable Microsoft Office formats, including .doc, .xls, and .ppt.

How to convert a document using Nitro Sign:

1. From the Home dashboard, navigate to Tools in the left-hand menu and select the Convert option

Click the convert box to start

2. Select the file that you want to convert

Select the file you want converted

3. You'll be prompted with the options to convert the file to DOCX, XLSX, or PPTX, or to simply download the file as a PDF

Select which file type to convert to

4. Select the type of conversion you'd like to perform

5. Your document will begin to convert, and you'll be prompted to save or view the newly converted file

Save your converted file

6. Once the conversion is complete, the converted file will be downloaded to your PC

Nitro Sign
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