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Collaborate on Documents

Nitro Sign provides a set of annotation tools for collaboration on shared documents that include:

  • Highlighting content
  • Crossing out text
  • Underlining text
  • Adding notes to the document

How to add comments and markup to a document in Nitro Sign

1. From the Home dashboard, navigate to Shared with Me in the left-hand menu and select a document that is not a part of a signature request
2. Open the document, choose the annotation tool you would like to use from the top ribbon, and use your cursor to select the content you'd like to mark up. You can add a comment for each annotation you've added to provide additional information for your collaborators.

Collaborate on documents with Nitro Sign

The document owner/sharer will instantly be notified when any annotation is added to the document, and the annotation will be visible to everyone who has access to the document.

3. At any stage, annotations that have been added to the document can be removed by:

  • Selecting the annotated text
  • Navigating to the Notes tab of the Information panel and clicking the Delete icon next to the selected annotation
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