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The Sidebar appears on the left side of your document. There are two ways to show or hide the Sidebar:

  • Click the Sidebar button in the Toolbar to hide or reveal the sidebar.
  • Choose View > Show Sidebar (Command+Shift+D).

Sidebar Display Options


Hidden sidebar
Hide the sidebar for a simpler viewing experience. Click on the sidebar button or click any other option in the Sidebar menu to reveal it again.

vista en miniatura de la barra lateral

View the pages of your document in thumbnail form. Click on a thumbnail to navigate to that page. Use the slider at the bottom of the sidebar to change the thumbnail size. (Sidebar Navigation).

See the Modifying Documents section for other thumbnail uses, such as reordering pages and combining documents.


Tabla de contenidos
View and navigate a Table of Contents. Alternately, go to View > Table of Contents. Skip to a page by clicking on an entry. A visual indicator notes the current location. Right-click, or Control-click, to use the context menu to expand or collapse the entries.

Bookmarks are listed at the top of the Table of Contents in the Sidebar. (Bookmarks).

In PDFpenPro, use the action button at the bottom of the sidebar to create and edit a Table of Contents. Alternately, go to Edit > Table of Contents for a list of Table of Contents editing shortcuts. (Creating PDF Table of Contents).

barra lateral-anotaciones-vista

Click to reveal a list of annotations made to the document. Annotations include objects such as comments, scribbles, highlights, and other items. Click on an entry to navigate to it, and double-click to select it. Use the Show menu at the bottom to filter which types of annotations appear in the sidebar. To add your own annotations see the Adding Annotations section and Drawing and Objects section.

archivos adjuntos de la barra lateral

Archivos adjuntos
Attach a file to your PDF. (Attachments and Adding File Attachments).


Campos de formulario
View a list of all form fields. Drag to reorder and set a new tab order. (Creating Forms).

Single Page
A single page is on view at a time.

Facing Pages
Pages are viewed in facing-page pairs, as in a book. The cover page can be viewed in a pair or alone. (Page Layouts and Views).

Continuous view
Scroll through the pages of your document instead of paging through one page at a time. (Scrolling).

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