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Nitro PDF Mac

Creating PDF Table of Contents

(Advanced feature of Nitro PDF Pro)

View a Table of Contents in Nitro PDF Pro. (Sidebar).

Creating a Table of Contents

  1. Open the Table of Contents in the Sidebar by clicking the Sidebar button
    and choosing Table Of Contents
    from the menu. Or choose View > Table of Contents.
  2. Go to the page that you want to add to the Table of Contents.
  3. From that page, you can select a specific portion of text to be the title of that page in the Table of Contents. Select that text now.
  4. Click on the Cog button
    action button
    at the bottom of the Sidebar and choose Add Entry. Locate shortcuts for this in Edit > Table of Contents.
  5. "Page X" will appear in the Table of Contents. You can click on the item to edit it. If you selected text, that text will now appear as one of the headings in the Table of Contents.

Combining Tables of Contents

Combining documents with Tables of Contents will merge the entries, using the document names as the top entries. Combine documents by dragging a file into the thumbnails sidebar of an open document, dragging thumbnails from one document to another, or using the Combine PDFs script, accessible in the AppleScript

Fast Edit Access

Right-click, or Control-click, in the sidebar to access the context menu which contains all the same options as the Cog menu
. Editing options are also available from the Touch Bar on supported Macs.

In addition to Add Entry, the Cog menu also provides the following means of adding new entries:

Add Child
Add a child to the currently selected Table of Contents entry. Combines Add Entry and Demote Entry into a single action.

Add Aunt
Add an aunt, i.e. a sibling of the currently selected Table of Contents entry's parent. Combines Add Entry and Promote Entry into a single action.

Editing Table of Contents Entries

Once you have added items to the Table of Contents, there are a number of ways you can edit the entries: locate keyboard shortcuts for editing in Edit > Table of Contents, or Right-click / Control-click on an entry to access editing options.

Shift-Click to select a range of page entries to perform batch edits on entries, such as demoting and promoting.

Here are a few of the edit actions you can take on an entry:

Edit the Text of the Entry
Double-click on the entry to change the text.

Set Destination
Reassign current Table of Contents entries rather than deleting and creating brand new entries.

  1. Select an entry.
  2. Select text in the document to specify a new destination for the existing entry.
  3. Choose Set Destination in the Cog menu

Demote an Entry

Select an entry and choose Demote in the Cog menu
action button
. The entry will become a subheading of the closest higher-level entry above in the list.

Promote an Entry

Select an entry and choose Promote in the Cog menu
action button
. The entry will move up a level from the section it is in.

Delete an Entry

Select an entry and choose Remove Entry in the Cog menu
action button

Copy Table of Contents Entries

Copy the text of an entry, or copy the entire Table of Contents as a bulleted list.

  1. Click on an entry in the sidebar
    . Press Command+A to select all the entries.
  2. In the Edit menu choose Copy As Text. You can then paste the entries where you wish.
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