User Guide
Nitro PDF Pro MacOS

Reordering Pages

Reorder a Page

  1. Show Thumbnail view in the Sidebar by clicking on the Sidebar button
    sidebar button
    in the toolbar and selecting Thumbnails from the menu (View > Thumbnails).
  2. Find the thumbnail of the page you want to move.
  3. Drag and drop the page in a new location among the thumbnails in the Sidebar. At the location you want to drop the page, hover between two thumbnails until you see a blue line indicating the drop destination, then drop the page in.

Reorder Multiple Pages

You can select multiple pages to move.

  • To select a range of thumbnails, select one thumbnail, then Shift-click on the thumbnail at the end of the range of pages you want to move.
  • To select multiple thumbnails that are not in a sequential range, Command-click on the thumbnails you want to move.
  • To select all the thumbnails in a PDF, select one thumbnail and choosing Edit > Select All from the menu (Command+A).
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