User Guide
Nitro PDF Pro MacOS


Continuous Scrolling

Scroll continuously through the pages of your document instead of paging through one or two at a time. This is also a default mode. Turn this off or on by choosing View > Continuous, or by clicking on the Sidebar menu item. This setting persists across newly opened documents.


Scrollbars appear when the document view cannot fit the contents of the page in the current window. You can click and drag the scrollbars to go to the part of the document that is hidden, or use gestures on your trackpad.

Hand Tool


While zoomed in, use the Hand Tool to pan around your document. Zoom in by pressing the Option key, zoom out with Command+Option.

Page Up and Page Down


To move to the next page of the document, use the Up / Down buttons in the Toolbar. Use the keyboard to shift up and down through the pages of your document.

Move up
Function-Up arrow or Shift+Space

Move down
Function-Down arrow or Space

Move down
Function-Down arrow or Space

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