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3 Steps to Driving Sustainability Through Digitalization

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Is sustainability a priority for your organization? Learn how to measure your impact and reach your goals faster through digitalization.

In recent years, sustainability has become a priority for organizations worldwide. In fact, Deloitte reports in their 2023 CxO Sustainability Report that climate change is the #2 most pressing concern for CxOs, trailing closely behind the economy.

Digitalization is a large part of any mature sustainability strategy, but measuring sustainability impact is still a real challenge.

How can you drive sustainability through digitalization?

How can you measure and quantify the impact of those efforts in a meaningful way?

Here are 3 simple steps to get started.

  1. Reduce waste and costs 
  2. Foster a sustainability culture 
  3. Measure and quantify your impact 

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1. Reduce Waste and Costs

Simply put, digitalization reduces paper consumption, which is one of the largest contributors to overall waste.

Digitalization enables you to support environmental conservation. Plus, generating less paper waste leads to reduced expenses necessary for printer maintenance like ink, toner and support teams.

In 2022, Nitro helped enterprise customers make impressive contributions to global sustainability.

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2. Foster a Sustainability Culture

One of your goals should be redefining how sustainability efforts will impact your organizational culture. Digitalization creates an equitable solution for everyone in the workforce, especially when the same tools and platforms are being used across the organization (rather than only offering a digital tool to some people, or a different tool across departments).

Digitalization also reduces inefficiencies and boosts employee productivity and morale in multiple ways, including:

  1. Reducing reliance on an on-site IT team, which increases productivity and support response time. 
  2. Improving employee satisfaction because environmental concerns no longer have to be checked at the door. 
  3. Saving employees time, preventing costly mistakes and accelerating customer transactions when workflows are kept out of the printer queue. 

If you notice employees struggling to adopt the digital-first mindset, incorporate the following into your efforts:

  • Frequent training on enterprise technology and software, especially for new processes.
  • A strong change management strategy and gradual approach to full digitization (don’t expect 100% compliance right away).
  • An option for anonymous feedback about the digitalization efforts.

Not only does digitalization help foster a sustainable culture within your organization, but also promotes sustainability to your external stakeholders. Consumers see this prioritization of sustainability, resulting in a better customer experience, which leads to higher satisfaction scores.

3. Measure and Quantify Your Impact

Creating a culture of sustainability and adopting digital technology is a great thing to do for the environment, but your organization’s leadership also wants to see results from these efforts and how they benefit the bottom line. Unfortunately, measuring that impact is a lot easier said than done.

That’s why Nitro developed Nitro Analytics, a solution that provides a real-time view of a company's sustainability impact. The tool offers various measurements and insights, including:

  • Paper saved by eSigning 
  • Time saved by eSigning 
  • Productivity score 
  • Environmental impact like saved trees, BTUs of energy and CO2 emissions 

With Nitro Analytics, organizations can:

  • Make data-driven decisions 
  • Optimize their digitalization efforts and tools 
  • Maximize product adoption 
  • Demonstrate ROI to key stakeholders 
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Get the Full Guide to Digitalization

Digitalization provides an excellent opportunity for businesses to drive sustainability. With Nitro as your digital partner, you can build a productive and sustainable culture across the organization while improving your brand reputation.

Learn more about the benefits of digitalization and how to drive sustainability by downloading our free guide.

The time is now to create a more sustainable future for all. Get in touch to explore Nitro Analytics and how we can help you effortlessly measure and quantify your company’s digitalization and sustainability efforts and outcomes.

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