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Say Yes to More: Measure Your Sustainability Impact with Nitro


Learn how Nitro helps you automatically measure, monitor and quantify your environmental impact and sustainability efforts.

Sustainability is here to stay or we may not be.” - Niall FitzGerald

Consumers today place more importance than ever on doing business with responsible brands that prioritize issues like environmental responsibility and social justice. As a result, things like sustainability have become a priority for companies and much more than a buzzword.

Corporate sustainability is not a new movement–companies have been focused on going paperless for decades now, but it has certainly evolved over time. One of the most mainstream business sustainability frameworks is ESG, primarily used in investing to help stakeholders know how sustainable a company’s operations are.

What is an ESG Framework?

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) is a three-pillar framework for understanding and measuring how sustainably an organization is operating.

- Climate change
- Carbon emissions
- Air & water pollution
- Biodiversity
- Deforestation
- Energy efficiency
- Waste management
- Water scarcity
- Customer satisfaction
- Data protection & privacy
- Gender & diversity
- Employee engagement
- Community relations
- Human rights
- Labor standards
- Board composition
- Audit committee structure
- Bribery & corruption
- Executive compensation
- Lobbying
- Political contributions
- Whistleblower schemes

If your organization is not ready for a framework like ESG, that’s okay. You can still take steps to become an environmentally friendly organization and ensure you are prioritizing business sustainability.

An easy way to get started is by digitizing your document workflows and working toward paperless operations. And with Nitro as your PDF & eSigning partner, you can actually see your environmental impact in real time.

Nitro Analytics Automatically Measures Your Business Sustainability & Environmental Impact

Nitro Analytics is a unique solution we developed to not only help businesses make better buying decisions, but also to easily calculate and quantify productivity, ROI and environmental impact.

Make Data-driven Decisions

We highly recommend taking part in our pilot program where we use Nitro Analytics to learn which features are being tested to help buyers make informed purchasing decisions.

With these insights, buyers understand which product version best fits their business needs. Nitro Analytics goes even further and provides visibility into product and feature usage. These data-based insights enable customers to maximize product adoption and demonstrate ROI to key stakeholders.

See The Impact Going Paperless & Other Initiatives Have For Your Business

Nitro Analytics also provides a birds-eye view into a company’s environmental impact with the following measurements:

  1. Paper saved by signing
  2. Time saved by signing
  3. Productivity score
  4. Environmental impact
    - Trees saved
    - BTUs of energy saved
    - Pounds of CO2 emission prevented
    - Species saved from extinction
Sample ROI Dashboard from Nitro's real-time analytics dashboard.

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Nitro Analytics

Would you like to dive deeper into analytics for your business? Schedule a personal demonstration with a Nitro Analytics expert today.

Experience Business Sustainability With the Nitro Difference

If you are using or considering a PDF competitor like Adobe, know that Adobe Analytics is limited to their Experience Cloud products. You might not need a massive suite of products or complicated licensing just to get insights into your business.

Nitro Analytics is included with our Productivity Platformbecause we want business leaders to have visibility into their operations and sustainability impact without a hefty price tag. You can see how many licenses have been activated, as well as product and feature usage. With this information, businesses can:

  • Equip users with the right tools
  • Justify spend on PDF productivity tools
  • Become a more sustainable organization
  • Demonstrate ROI of your Nitro solutions

So, if you are looking for a more cost-effective PDF solution that PCWorld named an Editors’ Choice and “the best alternative to Adobe Acrobat DC,” Nitro is the partner you’ve been looking for.

Talk to our PDF experts today to explore Nitro and make the best decision for your business sustainability.

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