Guidance for Using Personal Training Contracts with Clients

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If you're planning on working as a personal trainer, or you're already in that line of work, but you don't have a solid contract yet, you want to be sure you're using a personal training contract template you can feel good about. With the right template, both you and your clients have peace of mind.

Templates are great ways to get all the information you need in one place, too, and then just fill in the gaps. Here's what you should be considering, with your personal training contract template.

What We’ll Cover

There's no reason to worry about anything but filling out the details when you have a good template. Because personal training can come with physical and medical concerns, you want to protect yourself fully. In this article, we'll talk about:

  • Important Clauses
  • Best Practices
  • Tips for Agreement Security
  • Advice on Personal Training Agreements
  • Key Considerations
  • Additional Information Sources

Important Clauses in Personal Training Contracts

Due to the specific nature of personal training, there are some important clauses that need to be in your contract. These include:

1. Training Package and Payment -- Trainers often have several training packages and price points for clients to consider. It's important to be clear on which one the client has chosen and contracted for.

2. Waiver and Indemnity -- Clients must agree to waive and hold harmless the trainer and the gym where the training is taking place, in order to protect the trainer's business from lawsuits based on accidental harm.

3. Informed Consent and Need for Physical -- Your clients should have a physical before you start training them, but you can't force them to do that. You can include in the contract that you told them they needed to, and that they heard you.

4. Release of Liability -- Trainers can't allow themselves to be held liable if the client has a heart attack, stroke, or other medical problem, or if they've had these things in the past and shouldn't be working out. This clause adds protection for those issues.

By ensuring that these clauses are included in your personal training contract template, and by filling in all the details of the trainer/client relationship, you can protect yourself from liability if the client is injured or experiences a medical event.

Personal Training Contract Best Practices

By using a personal training contract template and filling in what state's laws apply to the contract, most of the legalities will be covered. The "boilerplate" language that comes in a contract template is there for a reason, and should be left in place. Then you and your client can both have peace of mind. Be sure to follow best practices, including:

  • Creating a complete contract before asking the client to sign.
  • Keeping the same terms you've discussed with the client.
  • Highlighting any changes you're making to the standard legal boilerplate.

The client you're sending your personal training contract to shouldn't be surprised by it. They should have already discussed the terms with you, and will see the contract as a formality before getting started on their training.

Tips for a Secure Personal Training Contract

One of the best ways to have a secure personal training contract is to make sure it's sent and signed properly. Electronic options are the most secure, and can help your client feel more comfortable, as well. When it's time for signing, you can use Nitro Sign to get any of your contracts or important documents signed. It's quick and convenient.

Advice on Using a Personal Training Contract

Among the most important things to note with a personal training contract template, is that personal training is relatively standard. That's why a template works so well, and can still be customized to reflect exactly what you're offering to your clients. All the legal language will already be there for your protection, and you can fill everything in and make any small adjustments that are necessary.

Key Considerations for a Personal Training Contract

The largest considerations for any personal training contract include:

  • The right wording for legal protection.
  • Clarity on what is being offered, plus the costs.
  • Security for the client and the trainer.
  • Correct information based on state of residence.

With a personal training contract template, you can benefit your training business and ensure that your clients are getting what they need from you, as well.

Additional Information Sources

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