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A lot of companies today use email marketing to reach out to prospects and bring in more customers. If you want to offer this kind of marketing service to companies, you need a good contract. Not sure what to put into it? With an email marketing contract template you don't need to worry about it. Instead, you can get all the main language included for you, and just fill in the details.

Templates are good choices when it comes to peace of mind, and they also reduce the chances that you've accidentally left out something important. Here's what you'll want to consider, if you're thinking about using an email marketing contract template for your clients.

What We’ll Cover

Using a good email marketing contract template for your business and its clients means you can stop worrying about the proper level of coverage from a legal standpoint. Because marketing has to be done carefully, and poor marketing can harm a company's reputation, you want to be careful. Within this article, we'll cover:

  • Important Clauses
  • Best Practices
  • Tips for Contract Security
  • Advice on Marketing Contracts
  • Key Issues to Consider
  • Additional Resources

Important Clauses in Email Marketing Contracts

Managing the email marketing of an entire company can be stressful, but it's also very valuable and important. In order to make sure you're protecting yourself from legal problems, and you and the client are in agreement, there are some clauses you want to have in your email marketing contract template. These include:

1. Scope of Activities -- The exact activities you'll be performing under the umbrella of email marketing should be spelled out, and clear to everyone.

2. Reporting -- A big part of this kind of marketing is whether it's effective, and you'll need to report to the company you're doing the marketing for.

3. Licensing -- In order to market effectively, you need to be able to use the company's logo, trademark, tag lines, and other details in the marketing emails you send out.

4. Term and Termination -- The term length, and how the agreement can be terminated by either party, should be spelled out to avoid any confusion.

5. Indemnification -- You don't want the client trying to find you at fault legally, if your email marketing campaign causes harm to their company.

By putting these types of clauses in your email marketing contract template, you can reduce liability and still provide great marketing services your clients will feel good about.

Best Practices for an Email Marketing Contract

If you decide to use an email marketing contract template, all you'll need to do is fill in the details of your agreement with the client. The legal language you need to feel secure will already be there, so you don't have to worry about leaving anything out. It also helps increase the look of professionalism you're offering to the client. Make sure you consider:

  • The creation and completion of the contract, before asking for a signature.
  • The details, to be sure they're the same ones that were agreed to.
  • Any and all changes you've made, so you can highlight them for the client.

Any client you're sending an email marketing contract to shouldn't find any surprises there. The information should be what's already been discussed, and your client should feel confident signing the contract for your services.

Tips for a Secure Email Marketing Contract

The best way you can make sure your email marketing contract is secure, is to send and sign it electronically. To do that, you can use Nitro Sign to get your contracts and important documents signed. It's convenient, secure, and quick. You and your client will both have a record of it, as well, which helps to avoid discrepancies and misunderstandings.

Advice on Using an Email Marketing Contract

Most of the time you use an email marketing contract template, it will be pretty standard. This kind of marketing is specific to email, so it won't necessarily vary a lot. But some companies do want a different approach than others. That's where filling in the details comes into play, so you don't have to worry about missing something that's specific to that client.

Key Considerations for an Email Marketing Contract

The largest considerations with an email marketing contract include:

  • Proper legal protection through adequate wording.
  • Clarity on the cost and the specifics of the work.
  • Security for your business, and for your client.
  • Correct information that's based on the laws of your state.

When you choose an email marketing contract template, you make it easier on yourself and your clients.

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