Nitro Helps Thomas & Piron Revolutionizing Construction Documentation
“Our partnership with Nitro Sign Premium has simplified our document management processes, eliminating the paper trail and streamlining our operations. It's a game-changer that has made our lives easier, more efficient, and environmentally conscious."
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Streamlining Complex Construction Contracts

A paper-heavy signing processes
In an industry that has long relied on paper, Thomas & Piron, a prominent international player in the construction of houses and apartments across six countries, faced a unique challenge. Managing multiple documents, both internally and with contractors and customers, was a complex process. Some documents required numerous signatures, often involving multiple parties. Handling this on paper or through email was not just cumbersome but also costly, prone to errors, and challenging to track. 
Streamlined digital document workflows
Thomas & Piron embarked on a mission to find an eSign solution and go digital with their documents. Upon evaluating various solutions and industry leaders, Nitro Sign Premium stood out for its exceptional user-friendly interface. What truly sealed the deal was Nitro Sign Premium's support for qualified signatures, a critical requirement for many of their documents. These signatures hold the same legal weight as traditional wet signatures, making Nitro Sign Premium the most user-friendly solution that also offers this level of trust in electronic signatures.

3 Compelling Reasons to Choose Nitro Sign

With Nitro Sign Premium, the company’s teams didn't require extensive training to grasp functionality. Multiple signature methods provided flexibility, allowing employees to choose the approach that suited them best in most cases.
Nitro Sign Premium's intuitive interface required no training, making it accessible to all.
Signing on a smartphone was fast and efficient, with minimal clicks required.
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Nitro Sign Premium offered qualified signing and other authentication methods, enhancing trust in the signature process.

Results and Benefits

Thomas Piron's partnership with Nitro Sign Premium delivered tangible results and benefits
Efficiency Gains
By adopting Nitro Sign Premium, the company transformed a once manual, error-prone process into an automated workflow, saving load of time per document in contract verification.
eSignatures Volume
Thomas Piron now efficiently processes approximately 2000 eSignatures per year—a testament to the solution's scalability and reliability.
Increased Control and Compliance
Nitro's solution allowed Thomas Piron to maintain control over their processes while ensuring compliance with regulations. This balance was essential for their success.
Future Growth and Innovation
With Nitro's adaptable solution, Tthe company can easily integrate new features and methods as their document management signature processes continue to evolve. This flexibility supports their future growth and innovation.
Nitro Sign Premium is the eSign solution where user-friendliness meets speed, trust and a hassle-free installation. It's the no-brainer choice for document signing excellence!
Benjamin Bostoen — CIO, Thomas & Piron
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