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Modern Enterprise Organizations Are Embracing Adobe® Acrobat® Alternatives… Is Yours?

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As more and more companies recognize the benefits of the digital workplace, the question is no longer whether or not to go paperless—it’s which digital solutions can help you and your users get there most effectively.

As more and more companies recognize the benefits of the digital workplace, the question is no longer whether or not to go paperless—it’s which digital solutions can help you and your users get there most effectively.

To truly benefit from the perks of a digitally transformed office, organizations must seek technology partners who can help deliver critical document productivity tools to every user across the organization—not to mention a partner who is fully committed to the success of your entire operation.

Historically, doing so has been difficult due to cost-prohibitive legacy solutions like Adobe® Acrobat®. As the creator of the PDF format, Adobe® has been the default PDF solution for many organizations. However, PDF is actually an open standard, which has opened the door for Nitro to provide a better, more cost-effective answer for efficient workflows: the Nitro Productivity Suite. See how four top global enterprise organizations sought and found success with our cost-saving, fully integrated PDF productivity and eSigning solution.

Why these four enterprise organizations switched to Nitro

1. T-Mobile Austria

T-Mobile Austria came to Nitro in search of a more powerful and streamlined solution. The company needed a solution that could:

  • Replace Adobe® Acrobat®
  • Boost productivity for its 1,300 employees
  • Offer a modern, easy-to-use interface
  • Make compliance a priority

The solution? Nitro partnered with T-Mobile Austria to replace legacy systems, increase productivity, and streamline change management. Some of the perks of the switch included:

  • Short learning curve
  • Expert support
  • Seamless implementation

Learn more about T-Mobile Austria’s successful switch to Nitro Pro here.

2. Assurance

Assurance, one of the largest independent insurance brokerages in the U.S., was searching for a “good, reliable alternative to Adobe®” for its organization. Nearly every workflow at Assurance involves a PDF—policy documents, contracts, and more.

The team had been using Adobe® to edit and manipulate documents, but scaling with the company became cost prohibitive. Enter Nitro. Nitro focused on delivering unmatched customer service that Assurance called “transparent” and a cost structure that saved the company more than $100,000.

As a result of the partnership, Assurance was able to deploy a much-needed productivity solution organization-wide at a cost that aligned with its budget. Learn more about the partnership here.

3. Leonardo DRS

Like many modern companies, Leonardo DRS made the decision to centralize its IT operations, services, tools, and processes across its 40+ locations in North America and the UK. Among those standardizations was the goal of finding a single PDF solution for its knowledge workers.

Before approaching Nitro, different offices had been purchasing their own PDF software, resulting in a hodgepodge of solutions that were difficult to support and maintain—not to mention creating security and noncompliance risks. Thus, the company decided that it needed one solid, integrated solution that could be deployed across the entire organization: Nitro.

With simplified and streamlined licensing and a familiar Office-like interface, the Nitro solution gave the Leonardo DRS team the ability to achieve more efficient workflows and maximum productivity. Learn more about Leonardo DRS’s switch to Nitro Pro here.

4. Continental

Leading automotive manufacturer Continental was at a crossroads nearly a decade ago. Faced with a limited deployment of Adobe® Acrobat® and an inability to standardize because of its high cost per license, the Hanover, Germany-based company had a decision to make in order to deliver a PDF productivity tool to its more than 200,000 workers.

The company also needed the solution to scale, and they needed it to be easy to implement and keep up for the IT team and regular, everyday users alike. The solution? Nitro Pro.

With an easy deployment and increased productivity, Continental achieved digital transformation at the right price and with a partner the company could trust. To date, Continental has reduced its paper use and rolled out Nitro to tens of thousands of employees around the globe.

Learn more about Continental’s partnership with Nitro and how the solution has helped the company pave the way for a global paperless initiative.

The best Adobe® Acrobat® alternative

Don’t feel pigeonholed into staying with a legacy solution—focus on tomorrow. Join the modern crop of CIOs who are prioritizing:

  • Creating a vision of what is possible in leveraging technology
  • Aligning technology with business strategies
  • Adopting new solutions
  • Modernizing legacy applications
  • Sunsetting old applications

If you’re ready to see why Nitro could help your enterprise organization embrace digital transformation, be more productive, save money, and deliver your employees a fully integrated solution, download our Top Reasons for Replacing Adobe® Acrobat® with Nitro Pro now.

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