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Can You Edit a PDF?


With Nitro Pro you can easily edit and delete text, add fillable forms and signature boxes, and markup and comment on a PDF. We'll show you how!

Contrary to popular belief, PDFs are not static documents. Here’s how you can accomplish more with PDFs in Nitro PDF ProTM:

Can you edit a PDF?

In a word, yes. With the right software, you can easily edit and delete text, add fillable forms and signature boxes, and markup and comment on a PDF.

Why would you edit a PDF?

If you’re reading this, we bet you already have a reason for wanting to edit a PDF, but these are some of the most common:

  • Quickly make edits and revisions. You think you’ve perfected your document, so you save it as a PDF… only to notice that you missed a typo. Without PDF editing software, you’re stuck going back to the source document (such as a Microsoft Word file), fixing the mistake, saving the document as a PDF again, and then deleting the original PDF to avoid confusion.
  • Adjust images and layout. PDF editing lets you easily adjust the size and placement of text boxes and images. You can perfect the look of your document down to the smallest detail – without worrying about the disruptions that come from switching file formats.
  • Work from a scanned document. Need to make changes to a scanned version of a paper document? The best PDF editors can make that happen with OCR (optical character recognition).
  • Edit Bates numbering. If you work with legal documents, you know how something as simple as a page numbering system can become a huge hassle without document editing capabilities.
  • Add fillable fields and signature boxes. This allows you to turn static forms into interactive documents that can be completely filled out electronically.

Ways to edit a PDF

Here’s step-by-step instructions for the most common PDF editing actions in Nitro PDF Pro:

Edit existing text

1. From the Home tab, click the Edit button on the top left side of the screen.


2. Double click the text you want to edit, and the cursor will appear.


3. Make your changes as you would in any word processing software. Nitro lets you manage text by paragraphs instead of by individual lines, so text will naturally overflow to the next line within a paragraph. The bounding box will automatically resize to fit the new text.

Delete text

1. To delete an entire paragraph or image, click it to make the light blue bounding box appear. (To delete only part of a paragraph or text box, follow the instructions above for editing text.)


2. Press Delete on the keyboard or right click and select Delete from the drop-down menu.

Sign documents

1. From the Home tab, select the QuickSign tool.


2. Click “Create new signature” and follow the prompts.


3. Position your cursor and signature appropriately on the document and click to apply.

4. Right click the box and adjust the signature’s size as needed.

Build fillable forms

1. From the Forms tab, select the Text Field feature.


2. Use your cursor to position and size the text box within the document.


3. Right click the field and select properties. From here, you can determine things like the format of the data to be entered (such as dates, percentages, or other custom fields).

Once you’ve perfected your PDF file, Nitro PDF Pro makes it easy to send an editable or fillable version through the cloud, no email attachments required.